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UK living Info needed please?

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  • UK living Info needed please?

    Hi to all members in the UK

    I am seriously considering moving to the UK soon.
    To be precise, to Hertfordshire. Or, if business is as good for me there as it is here, perhaps even London (I'd love to live in central London)

    Before I actually pack up and move, I'd like to do some 'research' to know what I can expect.

    So, all you UK residents, what are the pitfalls in the UK?
    What is the 'average' rent for, say a 2 bedroom appartment, or 3 bedroom semi-detached house?
    What is your average cost of living (gas, water, food) for 2 adults, no, kids, no pets?

    And any other things that you think are important for me to know, but not obvious to me.

    Although this is an open forum, if you don't want to post what you roughly spend a month, I'm sure everyone will understand if you reply by e-mail this time?

    All feedback more than welcome!

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    Interested in your information request for the UK. I live 220 miles north of the ‘Smoke’ (London) so cant accurately give you any costs as regards property rental as I’m an owner occupier. If you can get English papers the Saturday editions have property supplements which will provide a lot of information on Estate agents, (realtors is an unknown term here). Daltons Weekly is another source. The property market has probably shot up by a third in value over here recently so that will have a bearing on rental costs. A possible source of property in London are the local councils who own a lot of rented property in the city although perhaps not in the most salubrious areas ! The Urban 75 site is a source of all information in the London area via the forums, there’s a large lunatic element on the site but you might get some leads.

    I’ve no doubt London is where the work is but I only go near the place when large amounts of money are paid me, I hate the place.


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      Well, i was planning to move to hertfordshire first, since my girl lives there now, then, depending on how the buisiness is, maybe move to London later..

      I guess it's the same with all capital cities..everybody wants to live there, except the people who actually live there..
      I'd be happy if I never set foot in Amsterdam again


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        U K Housing

        Hello Pixel Mover
        Saw your request on retouch
        The housing market is rising due to people being able to buy their houses for less, in some cases than they are able to rent. Up to the present a lot of people invested in houses to rent as the returns were very good. As the demand to buy has increased the prices have risen by about 30% Consequently the demand for rental properties is decreasing and so rents are coming down. At present, according to some figures I saw on the telly last night the prices quoted were:- London - £1,517 per month
        Wales - 2 Bedroomed flat - £332 per month but overall the average rent is £660 per month.
        I am retired and live in Cheshire which is the County below Lancashire where Mike lives and to me London is a place not to visit. Others have a different opinion.
        I would give a guess that a yearly salary of £35,000 should give you a reasonable standard of living, but this will depend on the individual.

        Dennis Povey


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