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Cats vs. Dogs

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  • Cats vs. Dogs

    I love dogs. But I'm a cat person.

    This got me wondering about y'all. Are we more dog people here, or cat people?
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    Most of the time...this is not a fair fight.

    However, we had a tomcat when I was a kid who whipped all the neighborhood dogs.



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      Not a fair question . How can I say which one I prefer?

      (I had to go all the way back to April to find that link!)


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        I am a cat person although I like some dogs. Cats just seem to be smarter...


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          I love my cat but the dog gives more affection. I can't choose between them I love them both.
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            I had always thought myself a dog person, until moving in with my partner - now I am a devout cat worshipper, I have two of them to contend with.


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              I'm most definetly a cat person. I swear I'm more cat like in nature than human!



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                I am a dog person although I like some cats (some give me allergy problems). Dogs just seem to be smarter... (Just had to it Greg) Actually, I like most animals.



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                  Cat. No contest.

                  Mainly for the cleanup factor, although having my garden rows disturbed regularly is a problem of another sort (but more pleasant than scooping)

                  Actually, I have had both, and found that I am a cat person, so I just go with it.


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                    Sounds like cats are winning, paws down

                    I wonder if this says anything about retouchers?
                    Learn by teaching
                    Take responsibility for learning


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                      Started out with 2 cats (brothers actually) that were more like dogs really. They were so affectionate. I used to wear the black one around my neck as a fur collar. He was like a lip rag doll when you were lovimg him up. The other was Siamese and would stand up and tap people on the shoulders to get the attention he thought was his due.

                      Then we went to dogs and have now have had 2 huskies. One at a time though. Which is the only pet we currently have.

                      Cats are definately easier to care for and you can leave them on their own for extended periods of time easier than a dog. Dogs tend to be more like having children. They depend on you for so much but they bring their own qualities to love in a relationship. I think I have to say I'm comfortale with both but at this time I'm raising a dog. Actually, I'm an out right animal lover. Can't imagine a world with out those furry, scaley, feathery creatures in it.


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                        Originally posted by DJ Dubovsky
                        Dogs tend to be more like having children. They depend on you for so much
                        My "grand"dog is not the smartest animal by a long shot, but the other day, my daughter-in-law went out, leaving the dog at home and she forgot to raise the blinds so he could see out.

                        When she returned home, the dog met her at the top of the stairs grinning from ear to ear, clearly very proud of himself.

                        When she went into the living-room she could see why. The dog had chewed through the (NEW) blinds and bent the ends out of the way so he could see out. His s**t-eating grin was telling her "we had a problem, but I was able to fix it for you."

                        I'm not an animal lover, but that dog keeps me in stitches,


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                          Another one for the cat column...

                          Have had both. As a (so-called adult) and living in an area of the country where it rains a lot during the winter, cats w/o a doubt cause much less housework. When I was a kid and more clueless than I am now, my mom was doing all the floor mopping, rug washing, furniture wiping, etc.

                          I'll agree that many dogs can be trained to do more, are more apt to come running when you get home and some like to play Frisbee (though I had a cat once who fetched), the overall maintenance factor isn't even close.


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                            I would always have said cats are smarter but our pup Junior is proving to be quite smart too. Being a typical internet junkie, I order my groceries over the net and have them delivered. The other day when they arrived I was unpacking one of the boxes and saw Junior looking into the other box which was still on the floor. He found his bacon treats and took them to my son so that he could open them and give him one. He didn't touch any of the other groceries just his own treats. I thought that was pretty smart.
                            But he has another thing he does, my husband is a sweets junkie and has them by the handfull while watching TV. So every morning Junior checks between the cushions of the lounge for any stray sweets. He comes up with some most mornings. Now that's smart.


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                              This is Tiger and he's taken my chair-AGAIN!!!
                              He's no lightweight at 18 pounds.



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