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Calling all housewives..HELP!

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  • Calling all housewives..HELP!

    ..and of course aslo non-houswives who can help me with this :-)

    I bought this nice black top for my girlfriend.
    But it is made out of polyester... And has severe folds/wrinkels from the way it was packaged..

    I've tried washing it gently a few times, tried ironing at a medium heat, but the folds remain

    Does anyone here have a good way/clue/remedy to get rid of the folds/wrinkles? ah..without ruining the garment , of course...

    Washing instructions say:
    100% Polyester
    Max water temperature = 40 degr. C
    No tumble drying
    Iron at max 180 degr. Centigrade
    Dry cleaning letter: P
    No bleach

    Yes, I actually do know what all those symbols on the label mean.. I do all my own washing/ironing AND my girlfriend's clothes, but the wrinkles/folds in this one seem unbeatable so far...

    Any help appreciated, as usual !

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    Perhaps take it to the dry cleaners? I'm no expert on getting wrinkles out of anything...out here wrinkles in people and clothes is sort of the norm....but perhaps the Pros at the Cleaners might be able to help....Tom


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      I had considered that, but unfortunately no dry cleaner within a 50 mile radius has a turnaround time of less than 3 days, and I'm leaving for the UK Monday morning very early.


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        I'm not sure it would work but have you tried using steam? but be careful.


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          try dampening the crease with vinegar and then press using a med heat.


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            Steam might work... Maybe iron it through a damp cloth?

            Not sure about the vinegar...won't that do something bad to the colors?


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              the vinear probably won't hurt anything. in fact, vinegar is sometimes used to set dyes.

              you might want to try it in an area that won't show.....maybe a seam allowance or hem on the inside.

              i know it's used is dressmaking to help set creases in trousers, so it should also work to 'un-set' a crease.

              a press cloth might be a good idea.


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                This reminds me I want to buy some of that spray stuff they advertise for removing wrinkles with no ironing

                (can you tell I'm a bachelor?)
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  I haven't seen that. Is that one of those new anti-age things?



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                    Originally posted by Doug Nelson
                    This reminds me I want to buy some of that spray stuff they advertise for removing wrinkles with no ironing

                    (can you tell I'm a bachelor?)
                    What is it called? ...I need this!


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                      I don't recall the particular name, but a quick search came up with this and this and this (but none of these sound like the one I saw advertised).
                      Learn by teaching
                      Take responsibility for learning


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                        Hmmmm...... so far 4 men answer and only 2 girls. Where have all the house wives gone?

                        I was going to say steam also.


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                          Well, it's 99% crease-free now.

                          I soaked the garment in warm water for 5 minutes and then ironed it at medium heat with a wet teacloth on top.

                          This creates steam too, and it worked...a bit

                          I had to repeat the process 5 times, taking about 1,5 hours in total..But the garment looks very good now, only a hint of a crease on the places with the most severe folds. What can I say...she's worth it


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                            I always thought the big selling point on Polyester was it's wash and wear with no wrinkles claim to fame. Are you sure she won't have to do the same thing after every washing? If so she may only wear it once.


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                              Originally posted by PixelMover

                              I had to repeat the process 5 times, taking about 1,5 hours in total..
                              I hope she appreciates what you have done! You just did 1.5 hours of ironing for your girlfriend ...we should bestow knighthood upon you for this chivalrous act of self sacrifice! Poor Ed is doomed if his wife should read this!

                              Doug - Thanks for the links!


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