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Thanks to the Doug and the moderators

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  • Thanks to the Doug and the moderators

    I've been a member of this site longer than any other I've been on. The reason I'm still here is because of the kind of people who make up our membership, and the moderators who keep an eye on things for us. I noticed early this morning, Chris caught a thread that could have easily turned into something we don't need here. When things begin to turn sour, it seems as though it's a cancer about to take over. There have been very few posts that could have been a problem, so if you're reading this, you can give yourself a pat on the back. Doug has done an excellent job in making a great site available for us, and the moderators have done a super job in keeping things going the way they should. So a BIG thank you to Doug and the moderators who have given their time to make the site what it is.

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    I second that Ed.



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      Don't forget...

      And while we're being appreciative, this might be a good time to mention the "support" part of the menu. I just sent Doug a donation to help keep the site alive and improving. I assume everyone else does as well, but frankly I didn't even know this section existed till far into my membership when I got curious enough to explore the whole menu. So... just in case you didn't notice or have forgotten...

      And I too am very pleased with the way the site is run and the sort of people it attracts. The criticism is positive and helpful and never intended to ridicule or hurt feelings. Compared to other groups/lists/newsgroups/etc. I have been a part of, the lack of rancor here is soooo wonderfully refreshing! I love this place!



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        Looks like I missed it all.

        Now, I think a little by-play amongst people is sometimes a healthy thing. People disagree sometimes. Relationships wouldn't be what they are without that. Does that mean that this is an appropriate open forum to play that out? No. Obviously a line has to be drawn somewhere.

        Something I give Doug and the moderators at Retouch a lot of credit for is their sense of judgment and fair play. I trust their judgement. It might not surprise anyone reading this that I have been censored here at Retouch before. I sometimes cross the line. However, it hasn't been an issue with me here. I felt the removal of something I posted, whether it be an image or link or comment, was removed for good reason. It was appropriate to do so.

        I apologize to anyone who was offended by that thread. (I didn't actually get to read it tho!)
        The people here at Retouch are very nice; I've learned that over the past year or so - all decent people with interesting things to contribute. People are people, and I know those at other unnamed sites are great people too.

        I'll keep it out of retouch. I'm easy to find.



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          You're absolutely right Mig. Dissagreements are healthy and interesting. I think what goes beyond that is when the disagreement becomes a cruel attack on a person or their work. I did read what the members of that other site had to say and after spending so much time here where people criticize without trying to hurt or attack each other, I was totally blown away by the cruelty in some of their remarks. After reading that I have seriously come to appreciate the way this site is monitored to keep the level of kindness and respect for others as a priority. It sure is a lot more relaxing to know if you post something here that may be considered inappropriate, it may get removed and you may get sent a private message saying why it's inappropriate for the family atmosphere of the site but they aren't vicious about it. Now I see why so many members have all said the same thing about this site being such a nice place to come to with such nice friendly people. What an eye opener that was.