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    I just became a new member to this site and I just wanted to say hi to everybody and tell a little bit about myself. I was laid off from my job of eight years and decided to make a career change.

    I was working as an environmental instument repair technician, after being laid off I found that jobs of this type are rare in the state that I live in. I love to work on my computer and decided to try to learn how to make a career out of what I like doing the best.

    Currently in school we are learning Photoshop basics and I find that I like the challenge of retouch and restoration. I was looking through some of the family photos to see if I could find anything that I could practice on, to my amazement most of our photos are in fairly good condition.

    While looking for tips and tutorials on restoration I found this site and I think this is the best one I have found so far. I would like to get in on some of the challenges but I can't seem to find the original photos to work with. I found the photos that have been submitted by other members that have been restored or retouched but I don't know where to get the originals from, any help would be appreciated.

    Oh, I did find challenge #34 but I beleive that one is for a little more advanced photo editor than myself. I am looking for a challenge but #34 looks nearly impossible for what little experience I have.

    Thanks for listening and I love this site,

    Scott Rudy

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    Hi Scott...welcome to RetouchPro! The older Restoration Challenges can be found here while newer ones are here. I think the general consensus on Restoration 34 was that it was almost impossible for anyone!

    Jakaleena wrote an excellent tutorial on how to navigate the Challenge area, since it can be a bit confusing. There have also been some technical difficulties today with the navigation menu, which might explain why you are having a tough time finding things.

    Have fun...and don't forget to post your results!


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      Welcome to RetouchPro Scott Glad you found us and I hope you find the challenges section.

      Out of interest what kind of Photoshop course do you attend?


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        Let met jump onto the "Welcome Scott" bandwagon!

        You're right about this site. You'll find great info, lots of friendly folks eager to help and gobs of ways to improve your skills.

        When the time is right, a book that's risen to the top for quality and content that about everyone raves about is Photoshop Restoration & Retouching, by Katrin Eismann.

        Here's a
        link to the reviews

        When it comes to the restoration challenges, at first many (if not all) will seem pretty overwhelming (they did for me, that's for sure). Take heart in the fact that they're not posted in easiest to hardest sequence. Most are challenging even for seasoned veterans, let alone rookies.

        Remember their purpose is to provide the opportunity to practice and develop skills. Be assured as you plow through them you'll definitely get better. Be patient. If restoration was easy, then anybody would be able to do it.

        Given your courage to seek a new career direction and foresight to get Photoshop training, I sense you have the determination and patience, too, that will allow your skills to mature over time.

        Best of luck and, again, welcome.



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          Glad to have you aboard Scott. You said this is the best site you've found so far. Quit looking! This is the best site of it's kind available...period! You won't find any bickering here, just good people willing to share and learn. Once again, welcome.



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            Originally posted by Mike Needham
            Welcome to RetouchPro Scott Glad you found us and I hope you find the challenges section.

            Out of interest what kind of Photoshop course do you attend?
            The class is an introduction to Photoshop 6 soon to be upgraded to 7, it is just one of the many classes that I will be taking. The school is Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology, I will be taking computer graphics, image management, and lighting & composition for multimedia during the fall quater.


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              Hi Scott,
              Just want to add my welcome aboard to the list. I think you came to the right place to compliment your course training. And if you get some good tidbits from your course that you would like to share please start a thread or look for the tips area here if you get some good tips.
              If you need help with something, don't hesitate to ask. Remember, we learn in the process of helping each other. Look forward to seeing you tackle a challenge. You might be surprised at what you can do with them. If you see a challenge that seems tough. Look at the descriptions of some of the members who tried it out and see if you can pick up a valuable tip from them.


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                Welcome, Scott. Good to see yet another fellow Ohioan here (there are LOTS of us)!

                Not much I can add to what's already been said except "Welcome!" I'm glad to see you found us!


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                  Hi Scott, I'm a little late, but want to add my welcome as well.

                  Sounds like some really fun classes you're going to be taking! I hope you share some of what you learn with us.



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