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    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to introduce myself as I just joined your forum. I have looked around a bit and am awestruck with some of your work in the galleries. I'm anxious to learn and grow with you.

    My name is Crystal and I am married to a professional photographer. I have began helping my husband with the retouching, editing, restoring and manipulation of our images. Oh.......someone should have warned me how addictive photoshop is!!

    I'm having a blast but am new to photoshop so be forewarned of alot of dumb questions that I'm sure are forthcoming (and no, I'm not blonde).

    First dumb there a way to see the available avatars before choosing one to assign to my signature?

    Nice to meet you!



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    Welcome to another member of the Hoosier state. Glad to have you aboard. But there aren't any dumb questions on this site unless you already know the answer. We all learn. To check out the avatars, go to the slide out menu to the left, click on "user CP", choose "Edit Options", and at the bottom of the page, you will see "Avatar", and I think more info or something of that nature. You will be able to see quite a few avatars, or you could make your own. Are you south of Indy?



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      Hi Chrystal and welcome to ReTouchPro.

      Don't worry about asking questions here - there is always someone to answer you and many more who will learn from the question and answer.

      As far as seeing the avatars, go to "User CP" on the pop-out menu, click on the "Edit Options" button and scroll down the the bottom of the options screen - there you'll see a "Change Avatar" button. The available avatars are all there.

      You can also make your own avatar - I'm sure someone will pop up and tell you how.

      BTW, "User CP" is right at the bottom of the pop-out menu - you may not be able to see it depending on your screen size/resolution. If you scroll the screen down, the menu should move enough so you can see it.

      Or you can follow this link:

      Hope this helps


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        Sorry Ed, I posted the same information that you did and it might look like I didn't believe what you were telling Chrystal - we must have been typing at the same time, but you're faster than me



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          Hi Crystal,

          Welcome to RetouchPRO! If you think Photoshop is addictive, watch out for these forums!

          As far as making your own avatars (as Margaret mentioned), basically you can use any image file (GIF or JPG, I think) that is no larger than 50x50 pixels. If you want an animated avatar, there's a whole thread on that here.

          Just so you know, we don't consider any question to be "dumb" here. So, don't be shy about asking!



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            Nothing to be sorry about. Even if you had reason to correct me, that's okay too. I've been wrong a time or two in my lifetime. Just ask my wife (or check back through all my posts). Since we were typing at the same time, maybe that will encourage more questions from people who were reluctant to ask.



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              Awwww......I have a picture

              ......wish I REALLY looked like that.

              Thanks all for the nice welcome and the tips. I think I will try to create my own avatar at some point, but one baby step at a time.
              Thanks again for the instructions.

              Ed, yes I'm south of Indy, about 1 1/2 hour south near Seymour.
              Nice to hear from another Hoosier.



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                Hey Crystal:

                Let me add my welcome to the "ultimate chocolate decadence" of Photoshop and retouching sites. Glad you found us.

                No such thing as dumb questions (and I am blond - sort of); on occasion answers may be questionable, however!

                Fun and educational times await you! Enjoy your romp through the candy store. No calories or 'bad cholesterol' here!



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                  Hi Crystal,
                  Welcome aboard. Feel free to ask away. We don't believe in dumb questions here. You'd be surprised how many people respond when I think I ask a dumb question only to find out I'm not the only one who wanted to know the answer. And if you think Photoshop is addicting, you ain't seen nothin yet. Wait til you get going on this site. You won't even be able to go on vacation without plotting a possible computer connection along the way just so you don't miss a thing.


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                    Hi Crystal welcome to the best site on the internet, I havent been here to long and Im totaly addicted



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                      Just wanted to introduce myself as I just joined your forum. I have looked around a bit and am awestruck with some of your work in the galleries. I'm anxious to learn and grow with you.

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