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  • Living The American Dream

    For those of you who might not know what "The American Dream" is, it's home ownership. This morning, my wife was doing the laundry, and I happened to walk down into the basement, where the washer and dryer is. I noticed that the floor was partially flooded. The sump pump quit working, and the washer drains into the sump pit before going into the septic system. The pump connects to a piece of PVC pipe about 4 feet off the floor, and I had to disconnect it to replace the pump. This pipe connects to a grease trap, which is pretty nasty. But after disconnecting the pump, there was no sign of water coming out of the pipe, so all was good.....that is, until I reached into the sump pit to remove the pump. Then for some unknown reason, the pipe decided to deposit it's contents right on top of my head! Needless to say, it was shower time. Everything's okay now. Anyone want to live the "American Dream"?


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    I don't own a house but the hose on my washing machine in a rental house once decided to rupture while we were at wife just happened to come home early and found a foot of water in the basement. She was afraid to shut it off, as she was not sure if the water level had reached the height of a large power outlet... so she called me at work. (apparently it's ok for the husband to face the perils of electrocution!) We ended up spending the day driving around town to find a rental pump and sloshing around the basement all night getting the thing to work...all this before the landlord found out (he was a bit picky...and it was MY faulty hose after all).

    A real recipe for disaster exists at the house across the street from my parents. Apparently the builder thought it would be a wise idea to locate the living room on top of the well! If they ever have a pump failure or need to drill the well deeper...I guess they will have to destroy part of the house!


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      Ed, I have to appologize. I was casually reading the American Dream and hit the end and busted up laughing. I gather that wasn't clean water you were discussing? Yes, that could be a problem. We had a house growing up that was on the lowest point of the sewer system of the neighborhood. Needless to say when anyone clogged we wound up with 2 feet of sewage in the basement and it was not fun cleaning that up. Worst part of it all, my father was a plumber. I sure can identify with the gross mess but luckily not on my head.


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        sorry ED but that's so funny. Got a picture?


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          yuck...I must have misread. Was it sewage or the contents of the grease trap you got slimed with? If it was the grease trap don't be suprised if the neighborhood dogs and cats follow you around for the next few days...


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            Actually it was just filthy (and stinky) water. But I doubt anyone would want to sleep in my bed without me taking a shower first. Sorry, no pictures.



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