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  • Funny ol' TG

    Got a mail to say TG had responded to comments on one of his pics in the gallery, only to find when I went there that he'd whipped all his pics off the wall

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    I was wondering what happened to all those galaxies...I really liked the one inspired by an egg in the microwave. Maybe he is making room for new stuff...


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      Sorry....I usually only leave them up for a week so as not to tie up space..I do appreciate the Feedback! As most of my actual work is with old B/W photos, I like to play around with color stuff just for fun... I never took any Art classes or training because of a glaring lack of talent, I simply look on doing that kind of thing as relaxation...Tom


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        Well Tom, you went and upset your fan club (membership of 2)! Let's see some more of this "relaxation" art!


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          TG's new genre 'Microwave Art' it deserves a forum to itself with Greg as moderator.


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            That's an excellent idea Chris! Andy Warhol would be proud..."microwave art"! With each new piece by Tom, we can talk about it's significance in regards to Post Modern art theory.

            It's a heavy burden you have Tom...creating a new genre and all...unless the microwave has taken out a restraining order.


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              Alas...while the Microwave is willing to embark upon a new career and widen its somewhat limited horizons, the Matron of the house and kitchen has forbidden me to perform any further experiments involving widely or narrowly directed high energy fields or things of that nature with any kitchen appliance...including Salad shooters, toaster ovens and electric meat grinders...My artistic career is ruined and I shall be forced to sell small round cans of finely shredded tobacco to Cowboys from a homemade barnboard wooden stand outside the local entertainment Salon to avoid starvation ....Purity and poverty seem to be my lot in this vale of tears.....Tom


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                There's always the arc welder...
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  How about a chainsaw??

                  TG's been and gone and done it again. Saw he had new pics this morning, but wanted to finish an LP before looking, and when I came back this evening they were all gone


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