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Got this in email, it's pretty cool

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  • Got this in email, it's pretty cool

    Can You see the baby?
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    Last edited by chiquitita; 09-06-2002, 09:12 AM.

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    It took a few seconds but yes I can.


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      I picked up the feet while the pic was downloading. After that it was quite easy

      (you see there is an advantage to the slow links outside the US )


      • #4
        My father, the engineer, couldn't see it, I had to color it in for him.


        • #5
          Yup, saw it right away. That is really cool.


          • #6
            I was looking for a baby-sized baby. But after a few seconds it came in clearly.



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              I was hoping something woould jolt me again out of my seat.


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                If the picture was bigger maybe it would be harder to spot the baby.


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                  Very cool, it took a few seconds but I see it



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                    Yea, the creator of the pic should have presented a larger one, but who knows the origin of it. It was very creative though. Interesting use of the tree branches.


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