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What's the most embarrassing CD/tape/record in your collection?

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  • What's the most embarrassing CD/tape/record in your collection?

    I saw this on another board and could not stop laughing at some of the selections... So, what musical selections do you own that cause you to scratch your head wondering, "what was I thinking?"

    I'll go first - somewhere, deep in storage, I own several Bon Jovi albums, "Muppet's Disco" (yes, there was such a thing!) and, along with my brother, we once owned the worst album in human existence..."The Dukes of Hazzard Tape" was a gift...really...

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    I inherited some og my mother in laws records. To decide which one was the worst is a very har decision but I would have to say a Max Bigraves Album would have to go very, very close.


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      Oh, I have so many...

      Just off the top of my head, I have "A Classic Case - The London Philharmonic Orchestra Plays the Music of Jethro Tull".

      I have another one called "The Music of Cheops", which sounded cool from the cover, but in actuality is 45 minutes of solo improvisational flute music played into a portable tape recorder (inside the pyramid of Cheops). Of course, that's exactly what the cover said, but somehow I imaged it sounding better.
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        Originally posted by Doug Nelson
        "A Classic Case - The London Philharmonic Orchestra Plays the Music of Jethro Tull".

        They will play anything!


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          And the winner is... Vanilla Ice! (I think I might have a Milli Vanilli also)


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            Can't beat my collection of all time worst.... I have Mae West (can you picture her singing Twist and Shout) , Leonard Nimoy, Connie Francis (Singing Old Time Rock & Roll) and drum roll please.... I own every Tiny Tim Album! Ha

            Go ahead a beat that!



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              Leonard Nimoy? Be afraid... be very afraid..


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                Not as bad as William Shatner's attempts to sing! ...although looks like they were a team on one album...The Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner

                scary...very scary...


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                  Disco Duck (45 rpm)
                  Played as a teaching aid when I taught 'disco' in another lifetime on a planet far, far, far, far away.

                  The Monster Mash (45 rpm)
                  Featuring Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Kript-kicker Five.


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