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  • "...changed my life"

    In this overheated internet age of promiscuous hyperbole you can read claims that everything from Transformers 2 to Daft Punk "changed my life". But I'm wondering about things that really did change your life.

    And I'm not talking about the big things that were supposed to change your life going in (having children, finding Jesus/Allah/Buddha, etc.). I'm talking about the little, day-to-day things that unexpectedly changed your life in real and tangible ways.

    For example: in another post I described my fight with tinnitus and getting to sleep, along with my pink noise experiment. I can now state with an open face that pink noise changed my life. Instead of the creeping anxiety that I normally experienced starting around 10pm or so, I now experience the same feelings most everyone else does about falling asleep (boredom).

    Or another: I recently moved from a high-crime urban neighborhood to a zero-crime exurban neighborhood. But that's a big expected change, so doesn't count for this discussion. What I didn't expect was how much difference having a garbage disposal and curbside recycling would make to my life. The guilt and dread of trash day meaning heavy, stinky, leaky, unecological garbage bags has gone forever, leaving only the joy of lightly tossing an odor-free bag I can lift with one finger, and the little blue box of cardboard/etc. that I know is going to a happy fate.

    So what are some little things that unexpectedly changed your life?
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    Re: "...changed my life"

    1. When I realized there were small stones in concrete.
    2. Realizing I did not and never would know what causes gravity.
    3. Flowers attract bees, which would buzz my ears and sting if I slapped them.
    4. When my nose ran heavy after crying from being kicked in the face at 4.
    5. What I caught after painting the inside of the garage at 5.
    6. When a neighbor moved away at 6, Tommy, and I never heard from him again.
    7. Starting school. Controlled chaos all the way through.
    8. Girls (opposite sex) at 10 and how I was attracted to them.
    9. Competition at 14 and what it meant about attracting girls.
    10. When I realized what sin was and later that I was a sinner.
    11. Knowing that I need to manage my finances and live within my means.
    12. When I came down with foot condition, planter facitus, which lasted 5 years.
    13. Computers & Globalization.
    14. How really big the Universe is and not knowing where all that space comes from.

    Most of the day to day small stuff, really doesn't change my life anymore. Like getting a speeding ticket, having a hard time opening a jar, finding the car's power window has stopped working, realizing I have missed an appointment, having the wife find out I wasn't really listening and now wants me to repeat it back to her.
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      Re: "...changed my life"

      seeing my brother turned upside down, held by his feet, and being shaken until money came out of his mouth. now, that can be profound (i was about 5 at the time ).


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        Re: "...changed my life"

        This may sound exceedingly stupid, but an early camera phone model was my first hands on exposure to digital photography, and, because of it's comedic value, I like to attribute it to my continued interest in incorporating low-fi imagery into my artwork. So, since a cell phone completely changed my art, and art making is at the very epicenter of my universe, I'd say it changed my life!

        My most recent life changing experience was bumping into an acquaintance on the street who recommended I apply for a photo festival I'd never heard of, winning and ending up in France, drinking Ricard and giving an interview for a German television show lol things like that just don't happen every day...

        Doug- I am very interested in your "life-changing pink noise experiment". I've long suffered from terrible sleep and "night time" anxiety. I often can't fall asleep until extremely late or at all because of it and it has only compounded my other sleep issues...anyway, if I were to find a non-medicinal solution to that problem, it would truly change my life.


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          Re: "...changed my life"

          I always run a fan at night to drown out noise, including a slight hum in my right ear.


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            Re: "...changed my life"

            Yup, I can guess that garbage pickup would be life changing. I rank it right up there with indoor plumbing and refrigerators.

            I think that computers have changed my life, both in general and specific ways. I learned how to use one while volunteering in my church office and was thrilled when dos turned into windows. Through the years and a number of jobs, I have surprised myself by how much I have learned and how much I enjoy them. Without my computer skills I would be just another middle aged woman working for minimum wage. Instead, I have developed a confidence that comes with being able to do well what so many people my age cannot do at all.

            In a more specific way, learning to manipulate digital images has brought me a surprising amount of enjoyment and increased self confidence. I figure that if I can learn Photoshop, I can do anything! I have started a small business scanning and restoring slides and old photos and look forward to seeing my business grow.

            Good question, Doug. I'm sure that my answer would be different on any given day, but today I think it's computers -- and more specifically, Photoshop.


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              Re: "...changed my life"

              1) My son changed my life.

              i know, i know, that isnt supposed to count, but this is bigger. He was born with a bad heart valve. almost died on us a half dozen times before he had open heart surgery to replace his heart valve when he was just over 3 months old.

              now he is 2, and kicking ass, and hopefully wont need a replacement valve for another couple years.

              2) I joined the USAF back in 1996. That DEFINATLY changed my life. It was the best decision i could have ever made. I learned a trade, learned dicipline, and how to count on myself.

              3) My best friend died right after my sons 2nd birthday. That definatly changed my life even though its only been a few months. I appreciate things a lot more now, i certainly dont take my friends for granted anymore.

              4) The first time I dunked a chicken nugget into a mix of Chinese Red Pepper sauce and Mayo........ fucking unbelieveable.....


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                Re: "...changed my life"

                About 4 weeks ago my neighbor gave me her copy of Photoshop CS for PC. She upgraded to a Mac. Along with it came Katrin Eismann's Restoration & Retouching. By now you can see where I am going with this. This has changed my world. I am a stay at home mom to three young children. I have a BFA from Columbus Collage of Art and Design, Graduated in 2003. I am determined to learn Photoshop! I messed with it when I was in collage but not for this aplication, Restoration and retouching. My focus in school was oil painting but with kid's that doesn't really work. I need a creative outlet! I was burned out when I came out of school but I am ready to learn again and Photoshop is my new challenge! I also love making photobooks and want photoshop to help take me to the next level in my book making.