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Remembrance Gallery - 9/11

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  • Remembrance Gallery - 9/11

    For those who can bear facing the feelings again, the FEMA website has an excellent new set of photographic images from the recovery efforts and aftermath of September 11th. If you have a computer that can handle fast connections and Flash presentations, there is an appropriately somber soundtrack. There is a HTML version also for the dial-up users.

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    Sorry, folks -- my link didn't take, and the system wouldn't let me delete the above post and repost it correctly -- here's the link, I hope.

    Remembrance Gallery -- 9/11


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      I can't imagine that the feelings will ever go away. I think of children learning about Sept 11 in the history books and I am almost envious of future generations that they won't have experienced that day. Is it the chaos that ensued that made it so awful? The people wandering the streets looking for their loved ones? The mothers and fathers and children? What would always break my heart the most were the posters saying "Help find my daddy" .... or was it the images of people jumping out of the window.... or the firefighters....

      I realize that everyone was impacted greatly by this, and maybe I shouldn't have to ask.... but does anyone else find themselves bawling every time they see these images again?


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        Yes, seeing those images again brings tears to my eyes.

        Here is another tribute page that I found very moving:

        On the page that CJ posted, I was struck by the number of pictures of dogs. Does anyone know what happened to all the dogs that took part in the rescue and recovery efforts? The people at least are able to share their feelings with others - how do the dogs cope?



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          Another one I got thru email :


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            Margaret, the "Can't cry hard enough" website tribute is very special-- thanks for sharing that. That's such an accurate phrase -- can't cry hard enough...

            chiqitita - the link you posted is beautifully done also -- thanks for sharing. (It's a big one, folks -- if you're on dial-up, I'm not sure how long it'll take.)

            Regarding the search and rescue dogs, you can do a Google search and find some pages -- here's one that has a number of links to stories of several different dogs that helped at the WTC. There is a story about one dog, Bear, who has developed serious health problems. Don't read the story about Git Ander, a police dog, unless you are ready for tears and anger...

            Search & Rescue dogs - WTC
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              Thanks for the link CJ, some really moving stories there. I read about Bear and Git Ander - what a tragedy!