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An offering for 9/11

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  • An offering for 9/11

    I took this photo in March from my rooftop, when the lights were on. I am offering it to anyone who is working on any memorial art work. Feel free to use the picture with no reservations. It's may not be the best photo, but it speaks volumes to me. It's my small contribution to our healing.
    Your's in peace
    If it should be in another forum, please move. Thank you.
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    Thanks Debbie...That must have been a very haunting site. How far is Glendale from the towers?

    I might crop down the photo and use it as an avatar tomorrow...


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      There we go! thanks for the wonderful image Debbie.


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        We're about 6 miles from the towers Greg. From my front door, I could see the smoke and heat rising very clearly. From the rooftop it was even more unforgettable. The whole sensation was very eerie, made even more so by the constant presence of the Air Force Jets. When the lights came on in March they presented a very undescribable feeling. My hands were shaking as I took the picture, as you can see by the blurring of the surrounding area. I just couldn't stop them. Thank you for appreciating my photo.


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          Debbie, thank you for sharing that image -- I've never seen that. It is truly "haunting", as Greg concluded. I can certainly understand your trembling at the sight...

          Greg -- good idea about a special avatar for 9/11; I think I'll try something also.


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            Hello dcarr,
            Nice pic. When I was up there this summer, seeing family and in-laws(in ridgewood). I took a few pics of the site. Looked like......... nothing like that happened, they worked on it pretty quick and it looked as business as usual. I was surprised it looked so good. Lady liberty was closed(to tour inside). You could only go on the island to view it from the ground. The empire state was closed at that time as well. At grand central, they had the army rangers their patroling. I like grand centrals' new look. And 42nd street. WHOooooo! That act was cleaned up. When going through the holland tunnel(coming from texas to n.y.). That took forever going from jersey to lower manhattan. But about an hour and a half later I got back to those driving habits, like I once use to do. Being out of the city of n.y.(been in texas), I had to ask a couple of guys for some directions and they saw on the car....texas plates. So when asking for directions....they looked at me accent is a cross between Rocky and Deniro. They said: "Hay! Yu tolk jus like us! I said: " Yes. I pick up on accents pretty fast. Danks for da directions.


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              John, danks for da story.
              Those guys are gonna be surprised if they ever go to Texas and find out no one else there talks like them...


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                Thank you for the image, Debbie.

                Here's my offering - my first attempt at animation...
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                  That's a funny story. You always find humor in everything. I like that.



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                    That's beautiful Jak. What a great job with that photo. And what a great first attempt. I hope a lot of people get to see it.


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                      Awesome Jak, wonderful job.



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                        That was truly touching..... thanks


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