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11 Settembre

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  • 11 Settembre

    It's just past one o'clock in the morning here in o'clock of a very special morning...September 11....

    One year has gone by since the terrible, inhuman, horrifying, unspeakable atrocity called terrorism has scarred America....a nightmare nobody will ever forget.

    Seeing those excruciating images again on the Italian television brought it all strong as ever.
    I am but a fraction of a small drop in the ocean but I wanted to tell you that my heart and thoughts go out to you all and to your beautiful Country!

    A bear hug.....Flora

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    Thank You Flora,

    I think it helps all of us when we hear the support from around the world.


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      Yes, thank you Flora.

      It's still September 10 here in the US. Today has been tough. And as the evening becomes later, and closer to tomorrow, it gets harder.

      I had no idea this would still have such a heavy effect after an entire year had passed. It was the saddest, most horrifying day.

      I am grateful for your rememberance of us.


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        What a nice thing to say. Thank you very much Flora. We've had a lot of things on the news about 9/11 today. Personally, I don't want to see all the images again. It's just something I want to remember, but not relive. Thanks again.



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          Thank you so much for your kind words, Flora.

          I too was not prepared for the heavy sadness I'm feeling today as I listen to reflections on news reports. Tomorrow morning I'll attend the "Rolling Requiem" performance in my area. (Choral groups all over the world are performing Mozart's Requiem starting at 8:46am in each time zone.) It seems like a good way to experience the emotion of the day without having to relive the images.



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            Flora - thank you so much for your thoughts and your kindness. This will be a hard day for those who lost loved ones. I will remember all who lost their lives, but I will remember most the willingness with which they braved the hellish infernos to save others in the air, in the buildings, and on the ground.


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              Thank You Flora