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A tribute to the spirit of America

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  • A tribute to the spirit of America

    I know some of you have seen this before, but RP has had a lot of new members join since last year.

    This was something I put together as my own personal way of dealing with what happened on 9-11-01.

    For those of you who are more recent members, you may want to take the time to see some of the exceptional tributes which were done by members of this group shortly after 9 -11. They are kind of buried so you would need to do the following:
    Here is a direct link, make sure you change the date from "last 5 days" to "the beginning"

    If the link doesn't work than do the following.

    1) go to the flyout and select forums
    2) under technique, select gallery
    3) select gallery challenges, then select gallery challenge #2
    4) when that window pops up, you will have to manually change the dates from "last 5 days" to "from the beginning"

    They knocked down our buildings, but they missed a few bricks!

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    My humble contribution is in the link below.


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