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  • Hellooooo

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to the forum (well i say new, I joined a while ago and have been lurking for a bit).

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to you all.

    I've recently started out retouching, have been doing it for about three months now (so am very new to it all). My background is in illustration which I did for about 3 years but it's been very hard to make a living!

    I am REALLY enjoying my time retouching though!


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    Re: Hellooooo

    Hi Emma, i am a renew person also.

    I joined a few years ago, got into digital painting and stopped doing the retouching, but found this site on google, completely forgot the title of it, see there are still many of the same names as before, and also on the other site i go on.

    Hope to see some of your work Emma.

    Best regards,



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