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  • 1602ad

    Hi Folks...

    well as it dawned on me that I was beating a dead horse ( little chance of on line profit ) ... I needed a change.. and time to decide what to try next..

    so I tried my hand at 1602ad ( a game ) while mulling over my options....
    I have missed you all... and hope I'm welcomed back..

    any chance there are any 1602ad players here ?

    I don't really think it can be played online with a modem .. but it would be nice to discuss it.

    if it can be played with a modem.... well .. just too much to imagine... quite a game..

    again Hi all..

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    Long time no see...Welcome back!!

    1602ad? ...strategy game? Anything like Civilization?


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      well I think it is... almost bought that instead... I would say it's like sim city... but that always had weak points.. things done seemed to have no effect etc.

      this one isn't that way ... and although just learning to build successful settlements was just fine... as I was ready to put the game away I discovered all the different challenges etc.. sadly almost through them.


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        You should give Civilization 2 or Master of Orion 2 a try...both are excellent strategy games and you can probably buy them for next to nothing since they are fairly old. Steep learning curve for each however..

        So...still animating avatars?


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          welcome back Rondon, you've been missed.


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            Hey, good to have you back again Rondon. Yes, you were missed. So much that they even started a thread a while back asking where you were. You can check it out here


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              Hi Fella. I've been wondering when you would show up. Welcome back.



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                well thank you all... was nice to read that thread DJ .. thanks...

                I think the way I will try to go next is into understanding more about websites ... building them .. and how to advance them in the search engine positioning..

                I found a forum here the other night that looked like it was going to help...

                but for now there will be little time... we are driving to maine towards the end of the month for a few weeks.

                Both of us are from there so are looking forward to it.. been awhile.

                nice to see a few of my avatars still winking waving and blowing the ocassion kiss too..

                thanks again


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                  Just don't loose touch all together Rondon. We'd love to hear from you from time to time even if you are venturing on to bigger and better things. Hey have a great trip up to Maine. Drive safely. Yeah, you're avatars have held their ground here. Saw a few changed but I think they will change back after the 9 1 1 memorial is over.


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