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  • Any photogs here?

    So im all excited. Finally upgrading my camera body.

    (Nikon shooter here, not really interested in hearing any nikon vs canon vs pentax vs leica, vs hassleblad, vs whatever. Its a system and you have to choose one Nikon is just as good as any of the others they all have strengths and weaknesses)

    I bought a Nikon D40 right about a year ago, first DSLR ive owned, first camera of any quality that i ever owned. And that D40 along with a semi-pro Photog friend of mine started this whole downward spiral into photography and imaging.

    Finally had the funds to upgrade the body which is good cause my friend and i have been collaberating on a lot of projects lately and that little D40 just isnt up to snuff with what we have been doing. Was looking at a D90 or D300, but price vs performance and other financial responsibilitys i think i made the right choice.

    So yesterday i pulled the trigger on a Nikon D90, Nikkor 50mm 1.8 AF lens, a grip and a spare battery.

    Ill need a bigger camera bag, So now my bag of tricks consist of..

    Nikon D90 (gripped) (en route via brown)
    Nikon D40
    Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 AF-S prime
    Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF prime (en route via brown)
    Nikkor 55-200 f/3.5-6.3 VR AF-S
    Nikkor 18-55 f/3.5-5 AF-S (D40 kit lens)
    Nikon Sb-600 Speedlight (x2)
    Nikon SU-800 Remote commander (D90 has this built in. lol)
    Remote Shutter release
    A couple umbrellas,
    backdrop stand
    chromakey greenscreen
    Manfrotto 190Prob Tripot and Manfrotto ball head

    and other various things

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    Re: Any photogs here?


    Im sure you will enjoy your new camera. The primes, especially 50mm is a cheap but very good lens, both for Canon and Nikon. I have Canon myself and the 50mm is the only one I use for model shots, exept for effects with Fisheye or Sigma 10-20.


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      Re: Any photogs here?

      Originally posted by pellepiano View Post

      Im sure you will enjoy your new camera. The primes, especially 50mm is a cheap but very good lens, both for Canon and Nikon. I have Canon myself and the 50mm is the only one I use for model shots, exept for effects with Fisheye or Sigma 10-20.
      my friend and business partner shoots canon. I gotta say, that USM is insanely fast. he has the 105mm macro USM lens, it focuses as fast as you can blink.

      I went with Nikon mainly because of how good the reviews were on the D40, and those reviews werent kidding. If i had any idea i would end up expanding my gear so much and working with my friend on various projects i would have probably gone with canon just so we can swap lenses and such if needed.


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        Re: Any photogs here?

        I've been lusting after the D90. I covet. I envy. I yearn. I even drool!
        Let us know what you think after you've used it some.
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          Re: Any photogs here?

          im definatly looking forward to its arrival. Looks like the 50mm 1.8 wont be here untill next tuesday though. dammit. lol.

          the main reson for upgrading is the flexability. I love how all the controls are right onnthe body, no more menu diving!!!!!

          the 12.3mp is nice, but i was getting along just fine with my 6.1mp D40. It is not as flexable but the performance for the price is outstanding.

          this is a pic i took with my little D40 and 35mm 1.8. My dog Bu. Other than using a dodge brush to lighten her eye a tiny bit the pic is 100% unedited and right out of the camrea. No levels, curves, anything. The Exif is intact if you right-click, save, properties, advanced.....


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            Re: Any photogs here?

            Beautiful pic of a gorgeous dog!


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              Re: Any photogs here?

              Originally Posted by Jack The Ripper 'My dog Bu.'
              Nice shot.. Pretty dog

              A good guard dog for the Nikons


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                Re: Any photogs here?

                you could put that pic of the dog in the photo art forum here and i dont think anyone would mind nice pic


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                  Re: Any photogs here?

                  I think ill do that!


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