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    I was just looking at a flyer from Best Buy. Here are prices for PNY memory after rebates:

    128MB PC133 SDRAM $14.99

    128MB PC100 SDRAM $14.99

    256MB PC133 SDRAM $29.99

    256MB PC2100 DDR $39.99

    256MB PC100 Notebook SODIMM $54.99

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    Another tip:
    If you want to upgrade RAM for cheap, you can install it yourself - it's not hard at all. (I just finished upgrading to 512 MBs of ram about 10 minutes ago, with no problems)
    all there is to it: open your case, find where the RAM slots are located (if you don't know look at the manual for your motherboard), push out the little white clips at the end of the slot you plan to use, push the RAM into the slot carfully (it'll click right in if you do it right), make sure it's in and connected well, close your case and boot up your computer (if all went well the computer will automatically detect the ram)

    - David


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