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  • snoop dog, help identify

    What's on Jak's task bar?
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    Looks like way too much stuff to me. My task bar is almost empty.


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      My, my... Such interest in what's on my task bar.

      Do you want me to tell, or is this a game?

      What do I win if I get them all right...?


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        All of the shortcuts on your taskbar consume memory Jak.


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          What do I win if I get them all right...?
          Yes, tell us Jak.

          Name them all and you get the privilege of writing us another great tutorial.



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            Originally posted by gland
            All of the shortcuts on your taskbar consume memory Jak.
            Most newer computers have more memory than most of us need, so that shouldn't be a problem.



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              Unfortunately Phyllis, I'm still in the "dark ages" of the computer world. I've got an old Pentium ll 400 running Win 98. I’ve got about 320 megs of memory but the system can start running a little slow with big graphics files.

              I need a new computer.


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                Ok, here they are, from left to right:

                1. Volume control
                2. Audio Mixer
                3. Printer
                4. Winamp (gotta have music - just got the new Springsteen CD)
                5. Alarm Clock - so I remember to save my work
                6. Sygate Firewall
                7. Guidescope - Security & cookie management
                8. Post it notes for my desktop
                9. AVG antivirus
                10. Popup Killer - I hate popups!
                11. Call Wave answering machine (dial up on one phone line - gotta have it...!)
                12. UD cancer research project - runs in the background
                13. Real Player - sometimes I find a neat movie to watch
                14. Netscape - not normally there, but I've had some probs with IE lately so I downloaded it last week
                15. Dial up networking monitor (WinNT)
                16. Mail washer

                I really haven't noticed any slowdown or memory problems from all of that. Most of the programs are pretty small though, and I use them all quite a bit so that's why they're there....

                Did I win????


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                  You win. Now we've got to come up with a prize.


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                    Jak it's not so much your memory as your resources. Having each of those load upon starup of your computer instead of when you need them, uses a lot of resources that will eventually wear down your system. You can make a quick launch taskbar addition right down there and drag shortcuts to all those items dirrectly onto it. Then when you want to access them, there right at your mouse's pawtips. Leave the following where they are and disable the others then move them to the other side of the task bar: 1,6,7,9,10,12,15,16. That's half of them and you should check to see if your firewall and avg automatically when you run your brower, then you can remove them as well. Real player is Real system hog if left on the startup.
                    Just some suggestions. Maybe you could even consider it your prize if it helps your system last longer!!!



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                      What's with this obsession over Jak's taskbar?

                      ...some things should just remain private...taskbars included!


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                        Thanks Greg...

                        Whew, I can't believe all of this interest over my taskbar

                        Maybe I should crop the screen shots in my tuts a bit..

                        I guess one other thing I'll mention is that I'm the only one I know of using WinNT here at RP.

                        There's no option (as far as I know) in NT to just drag the icons down to the bottom menu bar and have them there when I want them (I could do this when I had Win98, but not in NT). No quicklaunch taskbar option (again, as far as I know).

                        And, not all of the programs you see down there in the taskbar area are there when I start my computer. The icons appear there when I actually start the program. Take Winamp for instance. If you see the icon there, I'm listening to music. If I'm not, the icon isn't there...

                        The only things there when I start the thing are the audio mixer (cause I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of it), the volume control (which I just turned off, btw), the cancer research project (which always runs in the background on unused resources) and my security programs... Everything else shows up as I use it.


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                          Ah, there's your mistake. Actually using programs really eats up resources

                          Just for grins, here's mine
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                          Learn by teaching
                          Take responsibility for learning


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                            OK, I'll guess at them...

                            1. Volume Control
                            2. How to plug a blown fuse with a coin
                            3. The "Who's on First?" video game
                            4. Popup killer
                            5. Not sure, but it looks like a tiny little pair of handcuffs - that can't be good...
                            6. A dictionary for dislexics


                            • #15
                              well i dont know what the second 2 are, but I know that the last two are Trillian and Zone Alarm

                              - David


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