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Google search leads to Gates of 'hell'

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  • Google search leads to Gates of 'hell'

    Could Bill Gates really be the devil?

    Interesting what some folks ask Google to do and the answers it gives...

    excerpt: "Currently, if you type "go to hell" into the Google search engine -- you have to use the quotation marks -- the No. 1 search result is Microsoft Corp.'s home page. (For what it's worth, comes up as No. 3, and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill comes in at No. 6.)

    Why search engines sometimes "boo boo"

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    Re: Google search leads to Gates of 'hell'

    Originally posted by CJ Swartz

    (For what it's worth, comes up as No. 3, and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill comes in at No. 6.)

    I fail to see how this is a "mistake" ...growing up in Raleigh, NC (and a lifelong North Carolina STATE fan!), we always knew UNC-Chapel Hill was the location of hell....hence the oft used "Chapel Hell" phrase! ...and AOL?...well everyone knows that's Beelzebub's preferred ISP!


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      hence the oft used "Chapel Hell" phrase! -- Greg
      Greg, when you're not painting, do you happen to work for Google?

      Sounds like Arizona's ASU vs UofA rivalries....
      "far below the Gila River, there's an awful pu,
      some say it's the Gila River, others say the U."
      Go, Sun Devils!


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        Interesting link CJ. I wonder if Martha Stewart had a place in there.



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          Oh that is so funny. CJ you found a winner.


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            I wonder if Martha Stewart had a place in there. -- Ed

            I'm sure if she does, it's decorated "very tastefully".


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              I wonder if Google changed their search algorythm. I just tried "go to hell" both with and without quotes and got 170,000 hits, but didn't see Microsoft or Gates in the first several pages. What I got seemed to be ligitimate references to "hell" in a religious context or in some cases quotes of one big wheel telling another to "go to hell" - one refereed to Mugabe telling Blair where to go.

              Still it was interesting and I found some useful stuff for later....

              Take care,


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                Margaret -- you're right! Microsoft, AOL, and North Carolina-Chapel Hill no longer show up on the Google search. I'm not surprised that they made some changes after getting all the publicity.

                I found some useful stuff for later.... -- winwintoo
                uh, oh! Are you arming yourself with epithets to use on RetouchPRO?


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                  No CJ, RetouchPro is safe, I won't be peppering my posts with purple prose.

                  I was actually thinking about different religions and what they stand for. "go to hell" yielded many hits for religious sites.

                  Take care,


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                    Religions -- comparative info (I haven't researched these pages, but they appear to have links to many of the world's faiths. (They also appear to ask for donations on many of their pages.)

                    Rutgers Univ.

                    or find more by using Google for "comparative religion"

                    (You probably already have done these, but I had to make another post -- my post count was 666 and in SOME religions, that's not good.

                    Whew!! Now I'm up to 667...


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                      Thanks for the links CJ, I will follow those up.

                      I'm glad you got over the 666 dilema. That would not be good



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