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  • ponder re chris h

    do you reckon with him being over there and all, that his PS work is done all in the english channels?

    my eyes saw canal headline wrong, prompting the above thought.

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    chris is an 'across the ponder'
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Very "punny" forum.


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        The English channel mercifully seperates us from the Frech ! The old news headline reads

        'Fog in channel Europe cut off !'


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          I bet the Townsend ferries were happy as hell that day.


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            great headline chris. boils down basic human nature. the world, after all, does revolve around me.

            doug, as a practising - oops, i keep spelling brit today - punster it is only fair that i admit that it was a full 1/2 hour before your response clicked. extra points for delayed impact.

            and dj, i have no idea whatever what the townsend ferries are.
            more chances to get humble!


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              They were the ferries making big money by transporting people and cars across the channel befor the chunnel came about.

              Actually I meant it as NOT too happy but it's hard to show that on posts I guess.
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                Wow! Ya learn something new every day!



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                  I wasn't on one since 1986 but I think they are still in use if not to go to Calais then probably still to Oostende Belgium. There's a high speed hover ferry too but we never traveled on that one. I was always curious how the chunnel affected the ferries business.

                  I remember the crossing well because it was during a bad time of terrorist threats from Kadaffi. They searched every car with mirrors to see if they were carrying bombs onboard. In front of us was a double decker bus full of middle eastern men and I was a little nervous to say the least on that voyage

                  Not too many years ago they had one sink because the crew didn't secure the rear doors and water got in the car area and sunk the ferry.


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                    Who are these Frech !!!!!

                    After the tunnel opened the two big ferry operators combined and reduced their prices. There's still lots of ferry routes operating, if your in no hurry the sea voyage is a pleasure. My other brother has a house in central France and they do Portsmouth to Caen. In fact my father drove down there for the first time in his eighties and remarked on the French also driving 'on the wrong side of the road' But at 80 who cares !

                    Just going back to the 'Free Enterprise' disaster, that was complacency in its purest form with tragic results. I was astounded to find that there were no indicators on the vessels bridge to show the bow doors status. Absolute lunacy.



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                      Travel today is safer than ever thanks to that kind of lunacy ie: the Titanic and that ferry disaster and more incidents like them. It's just too bad people have to die in the learning process.


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