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Any online gamers here?


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  • Any online gamers here?

    I thought since we have such a distinct community here, with a (mostly) courteous and respectful member list, that it might be a good place to find like-minded individuals to kill and loot with online.

    List your favorite multiplayer game(s), days and times you usually play (specify time zone or translate to GMT), and your gamertag. You might want to specify your home server if your favorite game uses those.

    DO NOT POST YOUR CONTACT DETAILS IN THIS THREAD. Use the PM or email system to hook up.
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    Re: Any online gamers here?

    I am very active in Second Life, which is arguably not a game as much as a virtual reality. It is highly player-created, which has allowed me to upload my digital paintings and sell virtual versions of them in a gallery for residents to display in their virtual homes. If you are in SL or decide to try it out, look me up and say hello, my player name is Crystalrose Lightworker.


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      Re: Any online gamers here?

      Don't really play games since I switched to mac but I used to play COD quite a bit online. No time for that now though.


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        Re: Any online gamers here?

        I play on Everquest II, Antonia Bayle server.
        I'm a fantasy geek at heart; I have played Sony online games since the first Everquest back in the mid/late 90's, and have continued playing (and paying) online with them.
        I am usually found online commanding my undead knight (I play a Necromancer character) to kill the would-be monsters and pursuing one quest or another (hence the name, I suppose)

        I play weekends - Friday to Sunday. I am on Central Time.
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