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Question about how much to charge ?

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  • Question about how much to charge ?


    i got a job to do taking pictures of a product , there are two items to shoot actually its like a size of xbox .... customer is looking for around 30 images of each item.... and this is going to be my first paid job .... any idea how much should i be charging the client

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    Re: Question about how much to charge ?

    Call up a photographer in your area and ask for a quote.


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      Re: Question about how much to charge ?

      Do a search on here. There are a bunch of threads discussing this subject.


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        Hello everybody

        I don't know if I am supposed to ask such a question, but I've never done any freelance work and I have no idea..

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        ((I really have to come up with a spreadsheet on how much to charge!))
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        Heres some samples for you guys to look at, none of these were for jobs, just for playing around, so they arnt fully done.
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