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Looks like no toys for me now.

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  • Looks like no toys for me now.

    Just spent all (and more) of my Christmas money getting my car fixed (all for fuel injectors had to be replaced). Cost me $730 (that did include an oil change) for me to get my car running right again. Looks like I won't be getting the new filter forge afterall. Oh well. My luck; bad. If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. lol

    Still, repairing the 96 cavalier is cheaper then buying a new car.

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    Re: Looks like no toys for me now.


    Sorry to hear about the car. Unfortunately I've got to do the same real soon and on top of that buy new tires. I cautiously bought filter forge over the holidays and I'm so glad I is just what i've been looking for to quickly create some amazing backgrounds. So many filters for the money. There are also some very nice filters for frames and borders.


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      Re: Looks like no toys for me now.

      Lyle sorry to hear about your car expenditure ( mind you in my experience if it wasnt the car it would be something else !)
      but you are a resourceful man and this will not hamper you, there will be more new toys and some of them free, ( and on the whole they are the better ones ) and i would like to bet in all your plug ins/filters there are some you havent explored properly yet ! ! ! !
      And heck if things get that bad you could always try doing a image "without" ( yep you heard right) them

      feel for you really, there is loads i would like to spend some money on but as i said at the start other things come first ! and it is a long way to my birthday in July



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        Re: Looks like no toys for me now.

        Without? That's apostasy to a filter guy. lol

        Yeah; two steps forward and 3 steps back for me. Did have a few hours of work yesterday (haven't worked in over a week until then) but none today and more then likely none tomorrow. Again, I have a roof over my head and am far from starving. Would be cool to have a more consistent job to go to, but the jobs for a limited talented person like me aren't that good. Just to give you an idea, we lost a major grocery store (the whole chain actually failed) here in Prattville around a year ago and things are just getting worse. Our home town invested a lot to create an outdoor store complex (outdoor mall if you will), and, except for the handful of anchor stores, they are mostly un-occupied buildings. Just sad. Now that Massachusetts saved our Republic (never thought I would say that about liberal Massachusetts), maybe the feds will now concentrate on getting the jobs back; we shall see.


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          Re: Looks like no toys for me now.

          Well they are saying that the recession is as good as over here ! !

          but i think the effects of it will be around for quite a while here too, lots of empty business's and people without jobs, a lot of our local big industries are gone

          here's hoping that work picks up for you and by the end of the year you are able to get the new filter forge



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