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  • The End's in Sight!

    it's been a long, cold, wet, snowy, icy winter this year here in western kentucky and surrrounding areas. there's still a tiny bit of snow on the ground from where it had drifted, but it's almost gone now. the weather finally got over 40 degrees and is expected to hit 50 by the weekend! but, what was most encouraging was i got a Burgess seed and tree catalog today and, i took this little pic. it aint much, but it's a start (daffodils, always the first to bloom here)
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    Re: The End's in Sight!

    Kentucky, like here in the N.GA mountains, historically has had some heavy snowfalls in March. So until the blackberries bloom we're still under the gun. The daffodils are up here also though, in some places they are pushing up through the snow. My wife's cat sat out in the sun today for a few hours, a sure sign that spring is close. :-)


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      Re: The End's in Sight!

      I actually have to cut the grass this weekend (at least I didn't have to til March; past few years, I was having to cut grass in Feb. Can't wait til the time will come when I don't have to cut it til April (like it use to be). lol

      Cool that the grass (assume it's Blue; lol) is coming through Craig.


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        Re: The End's in Sight!

        got to 50 today. spent most of the day outdoors

        nice, john. i would guess the mountains might hold the snow a bit longer than here.

        it's actually daffodils, lyle. they often come out early like this then get hit with a short cold spell, then come on all the way.

        ya know, i always wondered where all this blue grass is. must be in eastern ky.


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