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Introduction: Hello from the UK

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  • Introduction: Hello from the UK

    Hi to all

    Have been lurking for a few weeks. Great site and looks like a friendly community.

    Been a photoshop user for quite a few years now and been reasonably happy with my progress. Although I do realise that so far I have barely scratched the surface of the applications capabilities.

    So this is actually my third post as I have tried a couple of the restoration challenges. Hoping to learn a lot more and maybe even be able to contribute a little in the future.

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    Re: Introduction: Hello from the UK

    Welcome to RetouchPro, Tony, hope you enjoy your visits here as much as I do. See you around


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      Re: Introduction: Hello from the UK

      Thank you Amica999. Really am enjoying my visits here - learning so much from the great expertise on this forum.


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        Re: Introduction: Hello from the KL


        Out going man with the interest in phography, very new to photoshop, hope u guys dun mind sharing ...


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          Re: Introduction: Hello from the UK

          Hi Ketamama
          Welcome, and I am sure you will enjoy your time here and learn a lot.

          Of course I do not mind sharing, however I wonder if you meant to introduce yourself to the whole forum.

          You might want to make another post this time by clicking on the New Thread button. This way more people will have a chance to see you as a new member.


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          • hairboy
            by hairboy
            hello people. I've just joined. I'm Keigo, a photographer from Birmingham, UK. My retouch technique is Ok for most part, but I fancy learning something more advanced, so I thought I'd join and nag the experts on here. Look forward to talking to many of you guys!
            11-30-2010, 06:59 AM
          • Piere
            Hello from the UK (Kent)
            by Piere
            Hi everyone, I found RetouchPRO while searching the web for a way to restore a photograph damaged by a stain which covers it completely , the picture had been left over a radiator. I hope to learn much here and hopefully I can return some knowledge along the way. Piere
            11-03-2008, 04:15 PM
          • PhotoTransform
            Hello from the UK
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            Hi all. I received an email reminder that I have never posted anything here, so I'm obeying the request!
            Been retouching professionally for about 16 years.
            Have a look at my website:

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            hi from UK
            by csace
            new here, any UK guys here?

            11-16-2008, 05:10 PM
          • monsterpix
            Hello all from UK snapper.
            by monsterpix
            Hi all,
            recently joined after a weeks lurking and still trying to get my head around all the amazing techniques and retouchers on here.
            I've been been shooting professionally for about 25 years, mainly sport action.
            I recently went freelance and now need to broaden my PS skills...
            11-17-2008, 03:28 PM