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  • Behaviour of respondents

    I have been a member of these forums for a few years now. I have seen things come and go, members too. I have watched, responded when I felt able and kept up to date on these forums over these years.

    Getting to the point/crux of the matter I am disappointed at the tone of many of our members in response to other members.There is a point where conjecture and debate falls in to chaos and rudeness, I feel this occurs more often than it should these days. I am fed up of seeing a thread descend in to flame wars or personality problems, when it's original intent was to benefit other forum members. Even genuine disagreements or fundamental differences would be better served most of the time with a deferential agree to disagree or a reasoned explanation of their method, opposed to the derogatory way it is sometimes handled presently.

    I would propose a more stringent moderating process presently, even though I am more disposed naturally to reasoned debate and argument, cuss words don't offend me Per Se, although often the context and the delivery do. What offends me absolutely however is members (however experienced or no), going for the jugular in an unreasoned, ill thought out debate.

    These forums are invaluable to me as is the machinations of all the members, don't make me and others wade through the mire to find the gems.



    (Even if you are right, find a more acceptable way to express it, don't bash the troll, it's counter-productive, especially if you both think you are trolls).

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    Re: Behaviour of respondents

    I must be hanging out in the wrong threads and missed any cat fights. In my many years here, I've only been involved in one thread that turned ugly. That was a newbie who asked for a critique and then couldn't take the heat (it really was terrible work and he/she was probably expecting praise).

    Sorry you've had problems. Most folks here are well intentioned and helpful.


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      Re: Behaviour of respondents

      I guess that hasn't happened to me here either as Dee Dee (Swampy) said. It has on other sites (lol), but I've not seen it here at RetouchPRO (and hopefully won't). Have to admit that the majority of the time, I hang out at the Photo to art forums.


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        Re: Behaviour of respondents

        Swampy and Lyle, Mike may be refering to the Nick Saglimbeni threadfound here:
        It got pretty ugly in places particularly in the last few messages. But the incidences of these are pretty low.
        Regards, Murray


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          Re: Behaviour of respondents

          I do appreciate that thankfully incidences are indeed low and infrequent, due in large to the dignity and professionalism of the forum members. Consider it, me venting rather than complaining about the forums More power to Retouch Pro.


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