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  • ReadPlease 2002 - reading software

    The FREE download-of-the-week
    This week’s FREE download from is called “ReadPlease” which is a text-to-speech reader that sounds better than the old programs that had
    robotic and monotonous voices. It can read virtually anything on the screen to you including web pages and e-mail messages. Get it at:

    voice demos

    This is exactly what I wished that I could find a dozen years ago when my mother lost her ability to speak clearly after some mini-strokes. (It would have been hard to get her on the computer, but losing her ability to speak was SO devastating to her that I think she finally would have given it a try.) I'm sure there are other practical uses for this software, but if anyone knows any aphasic patients -- this could really help. The software suggests its use for proofreading (we hear errors that spellcheckers don't catch), helping kids learn, listening to your e-mail, etc.

    CJ Swartz
    Senior Member
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    I'm sorry you had to go through a time like that. It's not an uncommon thing, and I think a program like that would be a real lift to people with a disability like that. Thanks for posting the link.



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