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    tom c

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    Tom, I HAD to check it myself, and it measured the same in PShop. Don't understand the explanation (don't want to bother trying), but it's an excellent puzzler. Thanks for sharing!


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      ahh....flashback to my first art class! Great link! A related optical illusion (although more subtle) that all artists learn early on - The two reds are the same value but the one between the green bars appears slightly brighter.
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        The two reds are the same value but the one between the green bars appears slightly brighter
        Greg, and I'll bet that you even know how to make use of that knowledge in your work...


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          subconsciously... Lot's of other illusions on that site as well


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            C J
            I did the same thing in Photoimpact..

            also lassoed out pieces of each and placed them side to side ...
            the explanation was a little over my pay grade...

            Surfing around that site is
            Way too advanced for me!!

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              Tom and Greg,
              You both showed excellent examples of how colors and contrast can affect your visual perception. It's a good thing to remember when you set up your work space. They recommend avoiding colored walls and bright windows for exactly this reason. The environment around you also affects your perception when calibrating your monitor as well. Tom's example shows dramatically just how much that effect can be. This thread should be in the hints forum because it's so very relavant to what we do. Great thread Tom.


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