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Cures for insomnia?

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  • Cures for insomnia?

    I can't sleep!! This all started back on Thursday when i pulled an all nighter working on website design...and now I am really messed up. tried to back up again...

    It's rather funny to see Chris (UK) and Al (South Africa) log about 3am my time...and then see them log off....and then the east cost folks start waking up. sigh...been here for it all! Anyone want me to put the coffee on?

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    I know, I am having the same problem, I am normally a night owl, but I have to get up to answer calls during the day. Since I work at home, luckily I can sometimes sneak in a nap. I try so hard to keep a regular schedule and I did okay sleeping last night....


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      I am an imsomniac of the old brigade, I understand your plight but feel there is little apart from medication that can get you back on track. I can tell you what NOT to do though. Whatever happens don't stay awake thinking that you will eventually fall asleep, you wont! My best advice is to goto bed at some horribly early time and force yourself not to move.

      Failing that make mine an expresso


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        I'm really sorry to hear about all the insomniacs out there. My wife claims I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow.


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          One thing that helps is elevating your legs, like putting a pillow under your knees. I cannot sleep like that but it helps me to doze off, then I roll over and toss the pillow from under my legs.

          If that doesn't work, I take benedryl.


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            Its obviously caused by the blood of your Transylvanian ancestors Greg !
            I'm afraid I cant suggest a palliative as I'm gone as soon as I hit the pillow.


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              I've heard good reports about melatonin (should be available at any vitamin store).
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                If I remember right, you're a beer drinker. In case you haven't tried it, drink a case of beer. That ought to do it!



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                  Greg, I feel for you. Sure hope you don't loose any sleep over it.
                  Hey, bad jokes like that should put you to sleep.


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                    wow...everyone is in a goofy mood today!

                    gland - I used to be like that....

                    chiquitita, Mike, Doug, sjm - thanks for the advice...I'll probably avoid any type of medicine or vitamin since this has only being going on for about a week. I did manage to get a about 3 hours of sleep last night...more of a nap than anything.

                    Chris - No Transylvanians in the family far as I know! My wife on the other hand comes from an old German family, the Rabensteins, and I do believe one of the distant ancestors was forcibly removed from his castle by the local peasants...some business about extreme cruelty and depravity.

                    Ed - At my size (5'7")...If I drank a case of beer I would be beyond sleep...more like in an alcohol induced coma!

                    DJ - Thanks for the laugh...everyone needs a few bad jokes during the day!


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                      That is fairly common with me - as many can tell that see the times of my posts here and elsewhere.

                      It does me no good whatsover to try to fall asleep. What sometimes works for me is to "trick" my body into falling asleep.

                      When I can't sleep, I lie down on the sofa, and watch TV. That usually will put me away in less than half an hour. Another thing I do is read a book. By not trying to sleep, I forget about what is going through my brain, and pass out quickly.

                      An antihistamene, asprin, or other "harmless" sleep inducing drugs also works a little.



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                        Ah the Von Rabensteins I remember them well..........


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                          Greg: Reading usually does it for me but it must be a technical book. Any of the Photoshop books will do. Dont try this with an interesting novel though. I was reading the Red Dragon last thursday and found it was 3:00 am when I finished.


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                            I have a sure fire way to fall asleep.
                            1. lay on the couch
                            2 turn tv on
                            3 wiat for that once only show you really want to see.

                            I always fall asleep before it starts and wake up for the credits. Never fails.


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                              Well its 0830 here (GMT: 0630) and no Greg, so he must finally have dropped off