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  • Moving

    to all my friends here,

    i'm in the process of moving. my new place is nice, but the internet out there is quite unreliable as of yet. so, i almost have to go to my old place in order to get here. thus, my time here for a while may be quite sporadic and limited. i'm not leaving, just in case anyone was wondering. i'm just having withdrawal pains.

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    Re: Moving

    Hmmm, you have been located at "somewhere over there" per your profile, and now you're moving further "out there". Can Google see you? Will you have ducks and geese near your new place "out there"?

    Hope your move goes easily, and that your internet connection surprises you, in a positive way. I've had withdrawal pains when my hard drive has crashed / other computer malfunction, so I know the feeling.

    We know you'll be back - you haven't made your 8000th post yet.


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      Re: Moving

      hi cj,

      lots of geese, deer, groundhogs, rabbits, hawks, coyotes, a few great blue herons, skunks, and even an eagle or two on rare occasions. and, as a bonus, i was out walking the other day and ran across this little fellow. in fact, i almost stepped on him. i think he was too young to run so he was just sitting in the grass being quiet. but, he was quite accomodating in letting me take his picture.

      the move will be going on for a while. i havent moved in many years and i've got crap stuffed in my crap and hidden in other crap. lol. i think it's true that one shld move at least once every 10 years just so one doesnt accumulate too much junk. i had already been working on the new place, new siding, new stairs outdoors and a bit of plumbing work. now, i've got two houses to fix up. lol. i'm getting too old for this.

      heh, my internet at the new place has been fussy. i had the tech out again and he was here for a couple hours, which is unusual. it's wireless and he put a new antenna up but couldnt get it lined up very well. 10 minutes after he left and supposedly had it set, it went out again. finally, i just got up the ladder and moved the thing myself. he also hadnt locked it down so a strong wind could move it. he also had it pointed at a tree. lol. so, once i got it locked in i then locked it down so it wouldnt stray. and as a reward, i went out and bought a wireless adapter. the farm already had a wireless router, so the adpater fits to my computer and gives me access to the wireless router. i've stayed away from wireless devices mostly; too many batteries and chances for interference, but out here things are different, so what the heck. it works fine... except when i turn on the phone. lol. they both operate on 2.4 ghz. pretty soon i'll have it wired so it turns on my microwave.

      i also bought a new scanner. my old one wouldnt work with win7. got an epson v500 with digital ice. gets a lot higher dpi than my old one

      still havent got the printer set up yet.

      moving is a pain... and expensive... and tiring... but i like it out here nicer house, very idyllic. lots of room
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        Re: Moving

        Sounds like you're a very handy sort of guy, and a good thing that you are! Hope the wireless arrangement works well - I haven't kept up with how Leo LaPorte's system worked out in the country (while he was still on TechTV rather than podcasts and now video).

        Nice closeup portrait of -- is that a woodchuck?


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          Re: Moving

          Craig hope the move goes well for you, expensive ,tiring etc but it does sound as if it is worth it ( any spare room at all ?)

          showing my ignorance but what is the little fella ? he sure looks cute ( which usually means they are not !)



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            Re: Moving

            As I sit here near LA a farm sure sounds nice-! Maybe post some scenics when you get a chance.


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              Re: Moving

              leo laporte! and patrick. tech tv, yes that was it. i liked that show. hated 'attack of the show' which took its place. i even sent in a pic on one of their photoshop contests. it didnt win that was a good show.

              the little critter is a baby groundhog. lots of them around. they love to eat our soybeans and den fairly close to the house. i hadnt realized we had a new batch when i was out walking. i saw them again today crossing the driveway. cute

              sure, palms, come on down! lots of room it's a big house and i'm rattling around in it by myself. so, pack a bag, catch a flight and let me know when you'll be here so i can stock up on more groceries

              hehe, plugs, i used to live in L.A., somewhere near 9th and alvarado. worked in pasadena. L.A was most unusual for such a big town and it always struck me that L.A. had such a tiny downtown highrise district for the overall size of the city. new york grows upwards, but L.A. grows outwards. maybe cause of the earthquakes? it always fascinated me, that characteristic.

              well, my internet was screwing up again. i remembered the manual for the wireless router mentioned cordless phones could interfere and sure enough, my cordless phone operates on the same frequency as the wireless router. who makes these things? lol. so, the phone got moved upstairs

              here's four pics of the flood waters. the one looking down a street is where i used to live. the water was up about a foot and a half on my walls outside. the house sits up on block walls all the way around, so it didnt get in the house, but i quit driving in after a bit. i can get back in again now. the water is out of my old yard and i'm still moving stuff. the other three pics are of the flood waters out in the fields. the first pic is looking out from the new house. the lake is on the right and the dam divides it from the flood waters on the left, top. the one with the sign is along the road looking out from my truck over our fields and the other one was across that same road looking our over corn fields that had been planted already. that's almost completely gone now. corn and lots of water dont mix well.

              i have lots of pics of the area and quite a few of some of the ice storms we've had here, last winter and the one before and even a little bit this year. i prefer the spring, summer and fall but yes, it's a nice area.
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                Re: Moving

                I remember my brother retiring 5 or 6 years ago. He moved even though his basement was filled with all his accumulations and treasures. The bags of trash he put out at the curb must have been upwards of 50 or more. I'm sure lots of good junk got thrown away that day.

                You must be very brave!!!


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                  Re: Moving

                  Hope you get settled in at your new pad Craig. Like the captures. As a side note, I too miss the old TechTV. Rarely do I even watch Attach of the Show. Chris Pirillo too (still get his Lockergnome newsletter). Just don't understand why the idiots thinks the whole format had to change. Oh well.


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                    Re: Moving

                    Hope you get settled in.

                    So is the flood why you moved?

                    Yes, my Mom said that people should be required to move every 5 years to get rid of all that accumulated clutter.

                    We listened to Leo LaPorte podcasts all the way back from Austria in February. Made the 10 hour drive seem to go much quicker. He has a couple of podcasts; TechGuy and ThisWeekinTech TWIT :-) which are really quite informative with an added bonus he has such a beautifully resonant voice. Do people know that you don't need an IPhone/Touch/Pad to have an iTunes account? You can just use it to listen to things on your computer...

                    Can you change the frequency on either your phone or wireless router?


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                      Re: Moving

                      Craig, I used to live in Pasadena and still get over there occasionally. Never lived in LA proper, rather the IE/909.

                      So where are those floods? TN? I used to live in Nashville too ('97). Got out just before the tornado struck back then.


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                        Re: Moving

                        that's a lot of bags, aartist. mine shldnt be quite that bad... if i stay out of the back room

                        i watched for a little while, lyle, but it was all glitz and style and no substance, so i quit. and thanks, i'll post some more if you all like em.

                        the flood pushed the whole deal. i was going to move eventually, but the flood just sealed the deal you got leo in austria? cool. and yes, he did (does) have a good voice. he was also like everyone's dad or granddad. nice guy. no, cant change the frequency of the phones. i just went out and bought three new ones, two normals and one cordless at 5.8 ghz. it doesnt interfere with the router or wireless signal.

                        small world, plugs. i kinda liked pasadena. good old colorodo blvd the floods were in western kentucky. yes, nashville got hit even harder than us in the same rains, but there rivers dont come our way so we didnt get their water. they got as much as 21 inches in about 36 hours. we got from five to 10, with a lot of that coming from upriver. the resevoirs contain some of that, but not enough. tornados... nasty things, but fascinating. we've had two or three here. one came up the river and mowed the treetops on one side of the river. that one never truly touched down but another one came through one night and it was exactly like folks say, 'it sounds like a freight train coming through', and it did. that one scared me a bit. it was only a half mile away or so and was quite loud. i went out afterwards and lots of trees were down, some power lines and it hit some of the buildings in town, but not badly. but, one report said that it picked up a grainbin full of corn, left the corn right where it was and spread the metal of the bin all over the county. when the guys picked up the corn they said that only a tiny amount of corn was lost. quite odd.

                        for some reason i keep telling stories about weather we do get some oddball stuff here. we seem to be right at the point where the northern cold coming down over the plains meets the southern, hot and humid air coming up from the gulf. in '97 we had a major flood, what they call a 100 year flood. that one got in my old house a foot or so. no fun!

                        here's a pic of the 2009 ice storm that wiped out our electricity for two weeks.

                        so, what weather stories do you all have?
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                          Re: Moving

                          Originally posted by Kraellin View Post
                          you got leo in austria? cool.
                          ? Not exactly. They're podcasts - downloadable audio MP3 files that anybody can listen to online, on their computer or anywhere you can play an MP3 player. We have a radio jack in the car.


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                            Re: Moving

                            Leo LaPorte - video


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                              Re: Moving

                              podcasts. ok. good to see him again. he's got that demeanor like everyone's favorite grandfather. thanks, nasturtium and CJ


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