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    I don’t know how many of you like to read books on the web, but my son has a program he wrote to go along with the Project Gutenberg for an e-book. It is called eLibrary, which allows you to search Project Gutenberg, and when you find the e-book you want you can download and view it. If you are interested here is his web address

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    My brother is a big fan of Project Gutenberg and volunteered for their typing. They send him scans of old book pages, he runs it through an OCR program, then goes back and fixes the zilliion errors.

    Of course, for really old stuff (they sent him some Chaucer pages), you have to type it in entirely (which is how most people do it all).
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      Thanks for the link! brother is also very interested in this (he is currently studying for his Masters in Library Science). Looks like your son has written a very useful program!