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    I splashed out this week and bought a whole bunch of new music CDs. Of the lot I can recommend the following:
    Classical Graffiti: The Planets (snippets here. really good looking young people, one of whom comes from Chris H's neck of the woods).
    Zebra Crossing: Soweto String Quartet (South African music much in the same style as the Planets)
    Ladies & Gentlemen: George Michael (a greatest hits CD)

    Disappointing was:
    Roll on down the highway: Bachman Turner Overdrive

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    I was just thinking the other day that we should have a place to put music, like we have for books, movies, recipes, etc...

    I just got the new Bruce Springsteen CD (The Rising). It is wonderful.

    Of course, I've had it bad for The Boss for over 25 years, so I may not have the most objective view of it...


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      Nobody beats Sarah Brightman, but Sarah Brightman teamed with Michael Crawford!

      But if it was possable to team them both up with Louis Armstrong, the mind crumbles..........



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        On 2nd thoughts, the George Michael collection I mentioned is a double CD, the 1st of which is mellow stuff. The 2nd CD is mainly doof-doof music fancied by the current disco generation.


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