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Hi all from the uk

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  • Hi all from the uk

    Hi everybody,
    after browsing this forum for a few hours I can safely say that
    it is most informative. I am discovering everyday, more and more about digital art and and find the whole thing fascinating.

    I have posted an image that I made a while ago for an animation in flash.


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    Hi Gary,

    Let me be the first to welcome you to the site. That's a pretty impressive image to say the least. Very cool. Check out all the other areas of the site, as there are some very informative places, and we also have the Salon area which is a place for just having a good time, with no specific subject matter. Looking forward to hearing more from you.



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      I'm honored to be the 2nd to welcome you, Gary! Glad you found the site and find this forum interesting. [Moderators always like to hear such things! ]

      As Ed noted, there are many areas to explore at RetouchPRO and I hope you have as much fun poking around as I have had over the months.

      If you haven't discovered the general gallery for the site (Menu, Gallery), check it out and consider uploading a couple of your favorites there. (Note: 200KB size limit.) That gallery gets broader viewership than this forum specifically and would enable even more folks to appreciate your considerable talents.

      Thanks for posting the link. Hope to see more of your creations in the future.



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        Welcome to one of the best groups around. The knowledge processed by the participants is mind boggling. I learn something new everyday. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.


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          Thank you all for a very warm welcome.
          I have much to explore in this site, there is so much valuable information and lots to learn in the way of tutorials.
          I only now realise how little I really know about photoshop.
          Thanx once again and I've posted another image that I was working on this afternoon.



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            Judging from the quality of your work and your creativity, Gary, it will be we learning from you!

            A favor for future posts if you will...
            Rather than copy a URL into a post, instead upload a copy of the image via the "attach file" / browse function. (Note: 100KB max size.)

            The intent of the site admin is for RetouchPRO to exist for a LONG time. Uploading images vs. posting URLs will ensure folks will be able to enjoy your images far into the future instead of being disappointed by broken links.

            Anyway, keep sharing your creations. They truly are wonderful.



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              Welcome to Retouch Pro. Those images are awesome!! Glad you decided to join in the fun and add to the learning experience everyone gets by coming here. It's people like you that help to make this place what it is.