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  • Transport woes

    About 4 weeks ago our car died on us, with it costing more than the car was worth to repair, and with the credit crunch on,not the funds to be able to repair or just go and get another one
    so very bravely we have said we will do with out one for a while

    Our first shock when we got our breath back was how unfit we were, and yes me more than hubby ( but i do have a knee problem ( well that is my excuse))

    the second one is buses (local transport) which for environmental reasons they want us to use more,So who put the fares up that much, it would of been cheaper for two of us to use a taxi, yes there are concessions for different age groups but not the one we are in ! ! ! ( as usual ) And why do all the buses disappear on a Sunday ?

    next one is On-line grocery shopping "It is so easy mom and it is delivered for you " my sons are advising, well all i can say is they haven't tried it, It has taken me nearly a hour and half to do, and i feel like i have been on a mile hike ! ! ! ! ! and have forgotten what i have ordered and have lost the will to look back and check, now i have to sit and wait till Wednesday for it to be delivered and I know I will be stressing that I have the right time and they have the right address

    Then i have lost count of the times we have thought "oh we will pop there and have a look " or "shall we go". And having to phone people to make sure they are in when we visit, so that we haven't walked all that way for nothing ( ok it maybe less than a mile but it is uphill )

    Both my sons have been good and are not too bad at being a "Parents taxi " but we are trying to save those favours for when we are stuck, like taking Peeps to the vets next week for a check up

    Believe me it is harder to not have a car than what you think, especially when you have been used to one. ! ! ! !

    and believe me this is a polite rant, not a swear word in sight, but there has been a few at home


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    Re: Transport woes

    Ohhh, poor baby, Palms!!!!

    Not having a car would create major problems for many people; there are no bus routes near where I live, and taxis cost much more than buses here. My current car is 17 years old, and (knock wood ) has stayed in good shape although it has needed some medium-sized repairs over the years.

    Walking will be good exercise for you, and lots of us walk more only when forced to do so (as a dog owner, I have to take 2 walks a day, and have had to for the last 35 years over the lives of 6 dogs, and I probably would not have taken 1/10 of those walks without my dogs telling me "Please !!! ") Hopefully, your online grocery shopping will be a success and take care of that need. But, you need transportation. I hope your savings add up soon to get your car fixed. Maybe some rich folks would like to buy some of your beautiful digital artwork?


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      Re: Transport woes

      Palms, I would Photoshop you a car but I don't think it would stay together on the M5. I hope you get some wheels soon.
      CJ, you forgot to mention that it's also very inhospitable to walk when the temperature is 120 Deg F!
      Regards, Murray


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        Re: Transport woes

        Originally posted by mistermonday View Post
        ...CJ, you forgot to mention that it's also very inhospitable to walk when the temperature is 120 Deg F!
        Regards, Murray
        LOL, Murray! It's forecast to be only 111 on Wednesday, and today it was 108 with some clouds, so that makes it "much nicer" for walking. When I was in my 20's, I didn't have air-conditioning in my car because it cost more money, and I didn't really need it. As I got older, I needed it more and more and was willing to pay the extra charges so that I didn't melt on the drive to work.

        Palms, you probably don't need to pay for A/C, but I bet cars in the U.K. have extra fees added on if they are shipped in from Europe?


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          Re: Transport woes

          Oh no, I forgot to mention about the weather ! and being British no it is not about the heat but the RAIN, and it is not so much about getting wet or cold but the fact i now have to think "will i need a coat" "shall i take the umbrella?" and then if i want them i have to carry them ! ! ! ! ! And poor Hubby yesterday who has to use a subway to get to work, got his feet soaked going as it had flooded ! !

          Oh and C.J. that is very hot ! at the moment this morning it is 15C and cloudy,

          And Thanks for the thought Murray but a paper car would just go soggy here !



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            Re: Transport woes

            You have my sympathy. When I think about walking where I live, I have to think about the fact that it is literally 4 miles to the grocery store, about 9 to my husband's work, the sidewalks are non existent and people travel about 50-55 miles an hour with no shoulder on the road for people safety if they did walk. Yesterday it was a cool? 98 degrees with about 95% humidity and nary a cloud in sight. Did I mention we have no public transportation or cabs here in the country? Can I come to England--huh, huh???

            Seriously, you have my sympathy. Being without a car is devastating in this day and age. Good luck and my God Bless.



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              Re: Transport woes

              Thank you Janet

              Well the online grocery shopping went well, all arrived on time etc, but not the same as going to a shop and doing your own shopping !

              I can't make my mind up, has not having the use of a car affected us because we are getting older, or because the world has changed ?



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                Re: Transport woes

                When I was a kid, most folks only had one car and it was driven to work by the dad and used for shopping on the weekend. Mom didn't have access to a car during the weekday, and simply worked her schedule (and the kid's) around the availability of the car. People in cities might have the bus (we were lucky and had a bus come by every hour - we could go all the way into downtown for clothes shopping or into a nearby town for doctor visits - you chose your doctor and your shopping according to who was close enough to the bus to visit.

                So the world has certainly changed, and we've all gotten older, but people in the 1800's depended on having their own transportation (horse and buggy of some sort) and those who didn't have one were at a big disadvantage in getting things done just like today. I could suggest "Get a horse!!" (lots are being re-homed or killed in the U.S. due to losing their homes when owners are foreclosed or reduce their living expenses.), but that probably would be very expensive and wouldn't work for a lot of your trips. I hope you find a suitable used replacement car soon, but keep up the walking since it IS good for you and your hubby both.


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                  Re: Transport woes

                  if you werent in britain i'd suggest scooters, but with your rain... uhm, no.


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                    Re: Transport woes

                    I think it is probably a bit of both , we didnt have transport till the kids had grown up, so we walked everywhere, shopping, visiting , but we did have corner shops mainly all gone now , the grocery shop was done at the local shops which now house,estate agents and take aways ! people lived closer and worked nearer to their home.
                    Moaning apart what does annoy me is that they "goverment" want us to be more envioromental friendly and use public transport more, but it is not cost or time effective now , and They have just announced that a yearly rail ticket is going up by £200 ( about $310) ! ! ! ! !

                    any way a horse or scooter as a alternative not sure although my roses would benefit from one of them lol

                    We heard last night that no2 son is getting another car (needs a bigger one for all the kids ) and we will be able to usethe old one till his partner has passed her driving test or we get our own ! so hopefully in the next few weeks we will be mobile again,



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                      Re: Transport woes

                      Yipee we have wheels again and our own !
                      yes it is a old one, but I dont care,we can go shopping when we want (bliss)and I don't have to run around trying to be as fast as i can so that I don't hold the others up, we can visit (not sure on that one ), take a little tootle around some local attractions ? etc. etc. etc.

                      friends and family have been great giving us lifts etc.

                      but it is funny how things change, we thought "we can do without a car for a bit" but didnt take into account the cost of public transport, the unreliability of public transport, moving things from one place to the next, emergencies ( although in all fairness as my husband hurt his arm and he is the driver it wouldn't of made any difference), feeling ill ( boy it is a long walk to a bus stop then ) and of course the great British weather ! ! ! I have needed new shoes ( all the walking) and was just thinking of getting a new winter coat.! ( only have jackets for in the car )

                      now I know it wont be long before we are cursing cars again and there costs but at the moment I love our little old smoker oh and i must go now, off to the shops again



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                        Re: Transport woes

                        Originally posted by palms1 View Post
                        Yipee we have wheels again and our own !
                        ...we can go shopping when we want (bliss)and I don't have to run around trying to be as fast as i can so that I don't hold the others up, we can visit (not sure on that one ), take a little tootle around some local attractions ? etc. etc. etc.

                        Wahooo!!! Thank Goodness!!

                        I know what you mean, and it is SO wonderful that family and friends have made it easier for you being without the car, but it is SO much easier for everyone when you have the car. So -- you need the new shoes, but may not need the new coat, and if you don't feel well, someone can drive you to the doctor, but hopefully you and your husband will both feel just great and the car will love taking you on errands and will appreciate being loved by its new family.


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                          Re: Transport woes

                          Definitely good news Palms. Don't know what I would do without my horse (car) Susie. lol


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                            Re: Transport woes

                            now the question is, palms, when are you going to learn to drive?


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                              Re: Transport woes

                              Yay! Palms got wheels.


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