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  • Help with college homework

    I have a favor to ask those who own their own graphic, media, and restoration company, or those who are working for a multi media company. I am taking a career class for my degree in multi media at Seminole Community College. We have a project where we have to find out information called an informational interview. If I was to ask some questions would some of you sweet hearts help me out?
    1. How did you get started?
    2. What are your recommendations for a student about to graduate?
    3. What computer programs do you consider important to know how to use? And are they changing?
    4. What do you expect from people who have graduated to know?
    5. What do you look for in an employee?
    6. Do you use interns? Freelance? Part-time? Contract?
    7. Could you describe a typical day in your company?
    8. What do you look for when reviewing a portfolio?
    9. Do you participate in the hiring within the company? If not who does?
    10. What associations/organizations or groups would you recommend that I join?
    11. What skills/education do you recommend?
    12. Where do you see the industry going in the next 3 to 5 years?
    13. Can you think of anyone else I should be talking to?
    14. What kind of salary range would an intern expect? And would there be any benefits.
    15. How can you get experience at home to help find a job?

    If you reply could I have your name and company your work for or own? (And web page if possible.)
    I want to thank you for all your help!!!!!!
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    I've been watching your post to see what pops up, but I guess I must not be the only one who felt unqualified to answer your questions.

    I thought I'd make a quick comment anyway just to give an idea of where I'm at here.

    I don't know about anyone else on RP, but some (actually, almost all) of the questions you asked are way outside the scope of what I am doing. I don't own a "company" - it's just me here in my home doing some retouching/restoration as a sort of 2nd job. No office (well, just the spare bedroom), no employees, not really much of anything except me and my computer.


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      Jakaleena no one at RP should feel unqualified to answer these questions. You all are the most talented people I have had the pleasure of almost meeting. Maybe everyone could look at these questions as how to help someone get started with there own business at home. Any help with any of the questions would be great. Thanks for the reply.


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        pjb, I imagine that a big part of the reason for the assignment is to get you in touch with companies that are potential employers -- to get you introduced to them while you also gather some useful information -- so be sure to contact businesses in your area, and on the internet.

        Hopefully, some of the self-employed folks here will respond with answers to some of the questions that fit their situation.

        You might want to rename the thread to let the working retouchers here know that this is a thread that is asking them for helpful info.


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