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  • Hello fom CA


    I am new to this community and just wanted to introduce myself. I started photographing as a hobby with film, yes FILM. Then because of life's busy schedule I set my hobby aside. I have recently picked up my hobby again with the digital revolution and I am addicted.

    I have taken a couple photoshop classes at the local community college and I love it, can't wait to learn from all the talent here!

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    Re: Hello fom CA

    Welcome to RetouchPro! Enjoy your learnings here.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Hello fom CA

      Hey Jsojunkie,

      I just joined also and I too cut my teeth on film. Still use it, in fact. Imagine that. What part of CA ya from? I lived in SoCal for 24 years, and miss it.


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        Re: Hello fom CA

        Well welcome, it seems like this is a really cool forum to learn. Wow, so you still use film that's awesome! I bet you have to get it at a camera shop most places don't carry film at least around here. To be honest I miss shooting in film. With digital I feel like I'm cheating since I can change whatever I want in an image. I'm from San Diego, what part of SoCal where you from?


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          Re: Hello fom CA

          Well, I'm from Houston originally, which is where I'm stuck right now, but when I lived in SoCal, it was in the LA area. Alhambra, Rosemead, and then Whittier. I enjoyed Whittier the most.

          Here in Houston, you can still buy film at all the places you used to be able to, but where there used to be a decent selection, now your choices are maybe ISO 200 and ISO 400 print film and that's it. I have to go to a photo shop for slide film or B&W or more interesting print emulsions and especially for 120. Getting the slide film processed is the bigger hassle. My local photo shops sell it but don't take it in for processing. I have to take it to a pro lab for that or else send it out.

          One of the reasons why I joined up here is I hope to learn some techniques for improving my processing of scanned and duped film images.


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