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    Hi ! My name is Ken and I am about to close the book on one career and hopefully get into a second career in digital imagery/photography.

    This coming March I will retire from the Federal Government (DOD civilian) where I worked as a Comptroller, Budget Director, Information Resource Manager and Business Manager. I will only be 55 at the time of retirement so I am too young to sit around and watch the grass grow.

    I have always had a hobby level interest in photography but a year or so back decided that I needed to get some formal training to improve my knowledge and skills. I have taken basic and advanced B&W courses, and am currently taking the basic color course at the local community college. The basic color course is about 50% photography and 50% Photoshop in content.

    On my own I started out with Photoshop Elements but since I am a registered student at an accredited college was able to buy Photoshop 6.01 educational version (doesn't seem to be any different functionally than regular Photoshop ) for a pretty decent price.

    I am not very skilled yet in Photoshop but between formal classes and informal resources like this I hope to become proficient enough to find entry level type work in digital imagery and to enjoy the self satisfaction from taking and enhancing my own pictures and maybe even turning those pictures into what could be called "art"

    I am glad to be here and look foreward to a long and pleasant association with the members of this board.

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    Hi Ken,
    Welcome to Retouch Pro I'm sure you will love it here, there are a lot of very good people on these forums.


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      Thanks for the warm welcome Sanda.


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        Welcome aboard. You've found the right place to learn and have fun.

        If you haven't seen the RetouchPRO Site Map, click on the link below my signature. Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words; sometimes not!

        You're right about PS 6 academic version. Same functionality as the standard edition, so you didn't miss anything.

        You're about where I was a couple years ago (interest / Photoshop knowledge-wise) and believe me there's no end to the learning opportunities and good times.

        As time permits I encourage you to participate in whichever of the various challenge categories you find appealing. Anyone can start anywhere and you meet all qualifications. (There are none, except the desire to improve skills by 'doing' and getting constructive feedback.) Don't be bashful about posting your results. As time goes on your skills will continue to improve and before you know it, you'll have achived your objective of moving beyond your past career. How cool will that be!

        Good luck and again, welcome. Nice to have you on board.



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          Hi Ken. Glad to have you on board. Almost all of the threads are open for you to post on. Even the *very* old ones, so don't hesitate to bring an old one back to life if you see something that's of interest. I have a feeling you can probably teach us a few tricks too. Just don't click on Danny's link for the site map. Mine's bigger.



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            Just to add to the warm welcome Ken. Hope you contribute as much as you learn - I am sure Danny wont take long to indoctrinate, ahemm ermm introduce you to the Photo Art section


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              Welcome Ken and good luck on your new career change.


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                Welcome Ken

                This is an exciting place to experience and learn - Look forward to seeing some of your images.



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                  A very warm welcome Ken! Be very careful - you're new career direction is addicting. And this site is even more so! Please don't be shy about asking questions - that's what we're here for. (Oh, and there is no such thing as a dumb question here!)

                  Looking forward to seeing some of your work!



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