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  • My favorite holiday (BOO!)

    Happy Halloween!

    Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'll be printing out fun graphics to tape to my door (pumpkins and fancy decorations don't last long around here, lots of teenagers). Every year I hand out way too much candy. This year I have two megabags I bought at Sam's Club.

    I love watching a scary movie and contributing to juvenile tooth decay.

    What are your Halloween plans? Is Halloween celebrated in countries other than the US? I can't picture it without the fall leaves blowing around.
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    Hi Doug,
    My Halloween plans?.. Pitza, couple of beers and a night in front of the tele.
    The Premiere of Wes Cravens Dracula is showing on sky Movie Max tonight in England, that will do nicely


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      I thought about dyeing my hair red, white and blue, and spiking it. But I gave up on that idea. I'll just wait for the goblins to show up, and I'll help the tooth decay movement.



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        I use it as a means to exercise for my weekly quota. All that jumping out of my comfortable arm chair to answer the doorbell for spooky little candy gobblers is a huge work out.
        Down here in Florida you actually get to see the whole costume. When I trick or treated in Michigan growing up the only part visible under my snow suit was my mask.


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          Bah, Humbug!


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            As is usual for my area, it is snowing out. I think we've had snow on Halloween for 12 out of the 14 years I've lived here! I feel so sorry for the kids - they're all bundled up. So much for costumes! (One kid was dressed as a ski bum - now THAT's the spirit! )

            I had planned on carving a cat face into a pumpkin, but it wouldn't be seen through the snow anyway. At least I remembered to buy the candy...

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              Down in Florida we get to see all the cute costumes but if we carve a pumpkin it had better be on Halloween because it will rot by the following day. By the time the holiday arrives the pumpkins that have been on sale in the outdoor pumpkin patches are pretty much rotted. Nothing worse than carving a cute face on your pumpkin only to have it look like Grandpa with out his teeth the next day.


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                Bummer about the pumpkins DJ. We had some beautiful pumpkins this year. I still want to carve mine so I can take a picture of it! (How's that for a pathetic excuse?)



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                  Is Halloween celebrated in countries other than the US?
                  What's Halloween?


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                    Re: My favorite holiday (BOO!)

                    Originally posted by Doug Nelson
                    Happy Halloween!
                    What are your Halloween plans? Is Halloween celebrated in countries other than the US? I can't picture it without the fall leaves blowing around.
                    No fall leaves here Doug, just lots of snow and cold (about -10 C) as for Plans, I worked tonight, then came home and ate leftover candy

                    Al - (A history of Halloween)

                    - David


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                      Hey BigAl,
                      Yeah we celebrate it over here in England pretty much the same way they do in the US, costumes, trick or treat etc, but from what i've seen from the television the adults in the US get more involved than they do over here which is a shame really because it looks more fun when everybody is involved.

                      We seem to pull together more for Bonfire night (nov 5th) where everyone sets off fireworks all night and lights huge fires in controlled surroundings (usually!) Its to celebrate the night a man called Guy Fawlks nearly blew up our Parliment buildings although why we celebrate that i'm not sure, still its a good excuse for a party.


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                        Believe it or not, Bandit, Guy Fawkes is still celebrated down here as well, but not as widely as in the past. (I'm actually quite glad that it's disappearing as animals usually suffer with the noise from fireworks.)


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                          Hi again,
                          Yeah good point and your always gonna have sick people who deliberately cause the suffering so maybe a good start would be to only sell the fireworks to people with licence such as event organisers.
                          In fact i've got a better idea why don't we celebrate Guy fawlkes with beer and pitza instead.


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                            Its said with irony that Guy Fawkes was the only man to go to Parliament with honest intentions!!
                            I celebrate Haloween here by setting the dogs on any trick or treaters in the traditional fashion.


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                              I live in Norway, and we do have beutiful fall weather her now; Cold, sparkling blue sky, leaves falling off the trees, etc.

                              Halloween though, is not traditionally celebrated here. But, from getting english and american programs on the tv, movies, internet, it's starting to grow here too. We have a few kids in the neighbourhood going trick and treating, and even our good friends and neighbours(the grownups) came on the door dressed up asking for candy

                              This year I took an alian mask I have, and gave it a black wig, placed it on a glass head with light behind it, in the window right over our entrance door. I DID manage to scare them

                              But, to give you an impression of how uncommon it still is here; Some kids went trick or treating a place up north. They had really dressed up, with scary masks and all. They rang on a dorr where a family lived. The father came out with a shoe in his hand hitting one of the kids really hard It's all over the newspapers today; he say both he and his family got really scared and was just defending themself. The kid wasn't really hurt, but got a bit scared. They want to sue though(another american tradition we rapidly adapt too



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