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  • Movin' on to Christmas

    It's that time of year when many of us begin to think about Christmas. What follows, is a post that I made almost a year ago, and more thoughts on it:

    B]" I just wanted to make a quick stop in to wish all of my friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Our family has much to be thankful for this year, as in years past. Today we will agree to not buy Christmas gifts for each other. Instead, we will each be picking a name off of the "Giving Tree" in our local mall. It is a tree with the names of children who are likely to have a very lean Christmas due to no fault of their own. We will each buy some gifts for the child we pick. Some of our own children did this last year, and the feeling of satisfaction was great knowing that a difference was made in a child's Christmas. Here's hoping that others might also pick a name or simply help to make someone's Christmas a little brighter than would ordinarily be possible. Today is a day to enjoy each other's company, and reach out to others. Once again, a safe and happy holiday to all."[/B]

    Last year, we picked the name of a 6 year old girl from the tree. I am the type that hates to do any shopping at any time of year. But last year, I actually enjoyed buying for the girl whose name we picked off the tree. We bought her a bicycle, probably her first, and a few dolls, with a few clothes clothes for both the girl and the doll. I think we spent around $200.00, and we didn't have the enjoyment of seeing her on Christmas morning. But the feeling of knowing that girl would be visited by Saint Nick was worth much more than we spent. You would have to do it to know the feeling.
    This year, one of my daughters personally knows of a family with three children, who are in the same boat as the girl mentioned above. She is going to try to get the kids and their mother to spend Christmas day with our family. We will provide a nice Christmas for them, whether they spend the day with us or not. It is not something we will regret. Our whole family will take part in this. So if you really want to enjoy the holidays, please do something to help an unfortunate kid, who is not likely to have much of a Christmas. You won't regret it either. Guaranteed!


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    What a fantastic story and idea.

    So much of christmas has been taken over by the stores tring to sell sell sell that the real essence of what it is all about has got lost along the way. The idea of giving to someone you don't know - with the knowledge that it will brighted there day has such warmth.

    Hope you all have a fantastic day