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  • How Often ?

    So, how often do you visit this site, make a comment or post here?

    How much have you learned here?

    I check the site several times a day, often add comments but rarely post an example.

    Cannot measure the amount of knowledge I have gained here, I do know that when I am in class and relate something I have learned or recommend the site to another student they are overwhelmed by it. Better than any book or class I have had so far.

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    I agree. Much better than reading a book or something. I visit the site usually 2 - 4 times per day. I've also learned a lot. When I first came on the site, I didn't even know how to use a layer mask. You'd be surprised just how much you've learned in a fairly short time here. Of course, I still don't know what I'm doing!



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      Better than any book or class I have had so far
      - platscha

      I agree. Here you get to read what someone did to get an effect, see the effect, ask them how they acheived the effect, AND then practice the effect yourself till you can add it to your toolchest. Even if it takes a while... there's no time limit on Challenges, and there's no time limit on learning here.

      How often do I "visit" here?

      I thought I LIVED here!

      I post more often now than in the beginning -- I think that's typical (except for Toad and a few others who just jump right in ), especially now that I've learned to try out the mini-art challenges (3 cheers for Danny Raphael!) As far as posting images, I do that only in the challenges so far. I may start making use of the Gallery for other images of mine -- have to see if there's anything I like well enough to dare that.

      How much have I learned? I've rambled on about that in previous posts, but the learning RATE just continues to stay steady -- with the addition of the photo art areas, I've learned more about what different filters and layer blends will do -- that I never would have tried in retouching or restoration work. Perhaps I'll never use that knowledge in image retouching for portrait/candid shots, but I will be able to use it in my desktop publishing.


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        Thanks for starting the thread [email protected]

        I visit here every day because of the wealth of information that is avaliable in this site. I post where ever I feel I might help someone out or when I need help and have always found that the information given is good and have learnt so much I can't even begin to say where I am now compared to where I was.

        Please up load some of your pictures to the gallery - I think this is a place to learn and help other artists. It is every enjoyable to visit the gallery and view others work and help when needed and congratulate when the fantastic work is shown. Everyone can share and learn - please.


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          Since I'm blessed (or cursed) with an "always on" DSL connection, I visit the site 10-12 times/day... Not shy about posting as you probably know by now... Have learned more in less than 6 months (either directly or through links other folks have posted) at RP than in 2 years prior -- and have barely scratched the surface of that's available in the archives.

          Grabbed a couple pretty good recipes from the Salon and avoided a couple clinker flicks = saved a lot of $$ based on RP movie reviews.

          RP is rich in information and richer because of the folks who hang out here.

          - - - - -
          CJ: Thx for the 3 cheers. Much appreciated.


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            RetouchPRO is my second home I always check out the posts in the forums here every chance I can get. I've probably learned about 95% of everything I know about photo editing from right here.

            - David


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              At work, because we have a thick pipe internet connection, I usually have a Retouchpro browser active most of the day. I'm usually not shy to comment on things I know very little about


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                I'll visit a couple times a day but normally that's not enough. Too much valuble information here.

                I've learned more since I joined in July than the previous two years.


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                  Well considering I top the list in the number of posts outdoing even Doug I think you pretty much know how many times I visit here a day. Need I say more? It's an addiction, what can I say

                  However, in my defense against being labeled a forum hog, I would add that alot of those posts were acrued by doing extensive work in cleaning up the challenges when we moved. I'm really not that talkative. REALLY


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                    DJ -- most of your posts are responses to people's request for help, and positive critiques of their posted images -- NOT the habits of a "forum hog".

                    Thanks, DJ!


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                      You're all heart. Thank you.
                      I look at my number of posts over 4000 and say to my self "Girl, you talk too much. You need to shut up."


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                        Agreed !!


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                          Nobody likes a wise guy Chris.


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                            DJ, How could you, I was referring to the first line !


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                              Yeah right. I'll let you off this time.

                              And just to stay on topic, this proves just how often I come on this site. Also, I have my e-mail open constantly from the time I start the computer each day so I get those Retouch Pro Forum mailers constantly.


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