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Feedin' the squirrels, er, birds!

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  • Feedin' the squirrels, er, birds!

    We always feed the birds, and like most other people, we have had our problems with squirrels. I've been looking at the suet feeders that are only available for eating from the bottom. In other words, you have to eat upside down. That's just fine for some birds, but others can't do it. That eliminates some of the so called pest birds. But squirrels are a different matter. I decided to make a suet feeder for the acrobatic birds, and it seemed to be working very well --- that is, until the squirrels found it. They were having a real good time eating all the suet that I put out for the birds. Then I remembered reading that squirrels didn't like hot pepper (it doesn't bother birds), so I rubbed some cayenne pepper into the suet. About 5 minutes later, here comes Mr. squirrel. He chewed on the suet for about 10 seconds, appearing to really like it. Then, all of a sudden, he took off like someone put a firecracker under his tail! He came back a few times, but each time, he'd check out the suet, then high tail it for the tallest part of the tree.


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    ......and then I was in the checkout line at Home Depot the other day behind a couple who were purchasing a 50 lb sack of sunflower seeds. I commented that they must be feeding alot of birds to which they replied that the food was for the squirrels. They apparently felt sorry for all of the squirrels that were being "chased" from all of their neighors bird feeders and they thought the squirrels were more fun to watch then the birds.

    Guess they don't have a screened porch that the squirrels hang off and tear or avocados ruined from one bite. By the way the Florida squirrels where I live are rather skinny I guess it's because they don't have to store fat for the winter.

    Ed by the way thanks for all of the photography information. We used to work in darkrooms now we work in "lightrooms" as someone aptly described it.



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      I have to agree that the squirrels are fun to watch as they figure out the mechanics of "breaking in". But a guy could go broke quickly feeding squirrels!

      You're welcome for the info, although it wasn't all that much. I have to admit that I do miss the darkroom at times. But the "lightroom" offers many more techniques that I can adequately handle. No such things as layer masks to easily fix a mistake in the darkroom.



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        I love your method of feeding the birds rather than the squirrels. I'll have to tell my dad about this as he keeps setting his hose - with a jet spray attached - up in the middle of the lawn facing this birds nuts and sits inside waiting for the squirrels. Then watches them go flying when he turns the hose on.
        Pepper would probably be a better method but it might minus his enjoyment



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          Funny , you should mention squirrels. The character, that I capture with my camera is my unwanted roommate. His bushy tail is visible from the other side of the roof. So far, he/she
          occupies the attic. When I go up there, he/she runs out and over to the neighbors roof, sits and
          waits until the "coast is clear." .... then back down, the same path to reclaim his place in the household.
          Wish I knew how to get rid of it, as the house electric wiring is all over the attic.

          Have been searching for an owl to put up on the roof, near where he has chewed a front door.
          Wish me success.....
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            just stuff his "front door" full of hot peppers! that should do the trick

            - David


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              That's a new thought, David ..... Might try it.


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                Bad news Clare. That was only a temporary fix. When the birds/squirrels got past the pepper on the surface, the lunch counter was once again open for squirrels. I think we'll make our own suet cakes, and incorporate the pepper throughout the cakes. That ought to do the trick! (???)



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                  You really need to get rid of your room mate. If he/she happens to chew through electrical wires, you could have a fire. They have also been known to cause other damage. Traps are available to catch the squirrels in, and they do work. Just bait it with corn or animal fat. Just don't forget the fat, and let it rot! Good luck.



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                    If you try a trap (live trap would probably be best and safest) I've had luck using peanut butter for squirrels.

                    I got so bad for my mom one time that she actually put a hit out on one. She made me bring my pellet gun to take care of it. This was only as a last resort, however.



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                      Jeeze - Keith I thought my dad was bad shooting them with the hose.... he would love to borrow your pellet gun Maybe you could shoot them with cayanne pepper!


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