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  • Gallery - visits /comments?

    Okay this is I hope going to be interesting. After a few mentions in other threads I thought I would start a poll.

    How oftern do you visit and comment on the gallery?

    This will probably run in parellel to [email protected] thread on how oftern do you visit the forums.
    Once a day
    Once a week
    Once a month / hardly ever
    What Gallery????

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    Clare -- I visit the Gallery mostly via the Challenges and comment on the images submitted for Retouching / Restoration / Manipulation and Photo Art. I do this mainly right after the new challenges go up AFTER I've either submitted my own image or decided that I'm not going to submit (lack time/image requires work that would drive me bananas at that time, etc.), but want to see what others have done. This means that I end up missing some of the later entries, and I'm trying to remember to check more often and to check prior challenges. The earlier Challenges usually show up in the new Forum threads when someone tackles them, so I check those as they arrive.

    As for just checking the Gallery to see what else folks have posted other than entries to a Challenge -- I've forgotten to even check it for weeks at a time. I looked in last week and found those adorable dog/cat images from KenB and others, and decided I need to remind myself more often to take a look. My new computer clock software (Say the Time -- I think someone here recommended it) lets me set reminders -- I think I'll set one up for checking the Gallery images.


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      Thanks CJ for starting us off.

      I visit everyday and try to comment on at least 2 images. I find the gallery completely facinating - the images that go up are sometimes perfected pieces of art work and others are works in progress. Commenting on each others images is a fantastic concept - and getting feed back is all part of the enjoyment.

      Thanks everyone for taking part in the poll.


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        I visit the gallery about once or twice a week but don't often comment. The reason I don't comment is I usually agree with what somebody else has said and don't want to look like I'm just going along with somebody else's comment just for the sake of making a comment. Also if I see a fault that somebody else has pointed out I don't want the person thinking that people here are harping on a fault.Hope you understood that. lol. I know I should offer more encouragement and will try to do so in the future.


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          Since the software conversion which resulted in a more self-service gallery (a very good thing), but took away e-mail alerts for new gallery posts, I haven't been nearly as diligent at gallery viewing as I would like to be.

          Keeping up with the activity in forums, and the Photo-art forum in particular + getting involved in other activities (kid Karate, ballet, soccer, etc.) = less time for internet-related activities.

          No matter, providing gallery feedback is an important thing to do.

          Glad you started this thread; it was a needed wakeup call for me.



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            I always visit the gallery and post comments at the same time as I check the forums every day. also, as a way to find photo's that I might not have seen otherwise, on the main gallery page i hit reload a couple times and check out the "random images".

            - David


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              Sanda -- just wanted to respond to your reasons for not posting your thoughts. I've felt the same thing, and yet I know that I like to get comments when I've posted my work, so I try to post for others.

              I'll bet that many folks who post their work will enjoy getting one more simple "I liked it too".

              When there's a fault (most of us aren't perfect yet ) that's been mentioned, I also don't mention it again -- it's been pointed out, and that's all that's necessary. But I've found that others catch things I missed, or that only become evident once they're posted (I SWEAR it looked better on my screen BEFORE I posted it!), and it's good to find out what I need to work on more -- because I want to get better and better and better!


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                I'll use this space to point out some Gallery features that you might not be aware of (sorry if you are):
                • Receive email notification when comments are made on your posts
                • Receive email notification when comments are made on anyone else's posts
                • Slideshow option lets you nav to a section, click the little arrow, and all the images in that section will display one after the other
                • Free up room in your personal Gallery by deleting older images
                • Search for user name or keyword (like "original")
                • Sort by name, number of views, date, most active

                All of these are optional, requiring a mouseclick or two.

                For questions, start a separate thread in the Gallery forum.
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  Great thread Clare. I think it will serve to remind members that the Gallery exists and may generate more responses there. I chose Daily because I really try to get there daily although I have missed a day here and there. The images there are really a treat to see and they represent all the wonderful talent present in our members. I also try to visit the challenges as well since members work very hard on them and I feel it's good to take time away from the forums to see what they've done and acknowledge their hard work.


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                    Doug - I have just found the e-mail notification in the gallery. I thought that because I choose the email button when I upload the image it would be automatically done - I was wrong. (It's just under the image, for anyone else who hasen't seen it!) Thanks for pointing that out to us Doug - you are the master

                    Sandra - I agree with CJ that you can never have to many peoples comments - go on post 'em - they are all appressiated

                    Everyone - I think the greatest thing is the exchange of ideas - there is no such thing as good or bad comments just comments that help you grow as an artist.


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