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    I often visit my local Office Depot to bask in the huge expanses of desk space on display. I fantasize about calling over a clerk and saying "I'll take this entire furniture line, installed exactly as you have it displayed here".

    As it is, I have a small, L-shaped desk covered with my computer, monitor, printer (up high over my monitor on a makeshift stand), scanner, various audio gear, telephone, tablet (propped vertically when I'm not using it), a couple of piles of papers (I have a system, really), and way too many power cords and cables leading from everything to everything else. Below are cubbyholes and drawers filled with manuals, adapters, and printer refills. Up above I have a shelf sagging under the weight of software and manuals, and I have a freestanding bookshelf (taller than I am) just for books.

    If I need to break out the papercutter or do any collating I have to co-opt a horizontal surface intended for something else (meals, etc.).

    How do you do it? Do you have enough deskspace? Does anyone?
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    With me, the fantasy happens at Staples instead of OD....

    I have about the same setup. Computer desk with cubby holes above and to the right of my monitor which are filled with way too much stuff. Printer shelf is below the keyboard drawer. The top of my desk has framed family photographs which can usually not be seen for all of the stuff I lay up there when I run out of any other space.

    A small 2-door cabinet turns it into an L-shape and all surfaces available are covered - Scanner, copy stand, software, blank & burned CDs and all kinds of misc. papers (I have no system, I'm just messy...). Inside it are printer paper, books, and other misc. office supplies.

    I'm lacking a file cabinet, so there are 2 file boxes stacked on the left of my desk which double as a stand/catch-all for stuff that has overflowed the desk.

    My power cord tangle reminds me of a nest of snakes, and I often think they'll probably come to life late some night and attack me...


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      Sounds like both of you are describing my desk. I need a bigger office.


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        There was a time when my computer desk was large. It has since, shrunk considerably.



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          What Desk?

          It is so long since I even saw which colour it was! I have trouble finding a place to put a cup of coffee on my desk. I have three book shelves behind my desk holding scanner, printer, books, leads, disks etc and still haven't got enough space
          my floor has become the dumping ground now for stuff that won't fit else where.....etc!


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            I never seem to have enough desk space. at first I just kept my computer in my bedroom, but all my equipment quickly outgrew the limited space so I ended up having to move all my computer and electronics stuff to a different room. my worst problem is cords. I have tons of speaker cables, USB cables, power cords, phone cord, network cable in a a horrible mess behind my computer. at first i tried to organize it a bit but I gave up fairly quickly.

            - David


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              no desk

              I have a neat little armoire like thingy that i got at ikea, thinking it would be great because you could close the doors and it would all behind them where not in sight.
              What a joke, I maybe have ever closed the doors once or twice. It is nice in that everything goes in its place neatly but as with everybody else, I need more room.
              A friend was given a huge glass table top and she put saw horses under it and uses it as a desk, it is really nice looking in the room, the glass gives the illusion that the space is not really taken up with all the computer stuff, even though it is. Must also admit her top is always neat and tidy as well where as mine would be stacked high with papers thus loosing the openess feeling.


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                I have always had problems with desk space...I kept adding things I had no room for! I solved my problem a few months ago. Rather than buy an expensive computer desk I went and found the biggest and strongest folding table I could lay my hands on. It's 3'x6' and supports 500 pounds! ...and folds into the trunk of my car! I have another, smaller table for holding printers and an old desk for my wife's laptop, etc...

                The big folding table was cheap (under $100) and I can spread everything out. I am getting another one to act as an art table. It looks like something you would perform an autopsy on but it's built like a tank.

                Here is a picture of our office in the making!
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                  Nope! Wouldn't be big enough for me!



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                    You could get 2 of them... 36 square feet of space!


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                      What I really need is some kind of monster sized bookshelf! ...too many books and no space!


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                        Originally posted by G. Couch
                        You could get 2 of them... 36 square feet of space!
                        Then, if you double them up vertically, you get 72 square feet. Now you're talking my language!



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                          There is obviously no hope for me - Looking at Greg's office just makes me realise how small mine is! If I had a desk deeper than 30" I wouldn't be able to get through the door! At the moment my chair sits in the middle of the room - and I bang into the bookshelves behind me if I am not careful. I obviously need not only a bigger office but a bigger house!



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                            lol I sympathise with the small house problem, since moving house to a flat I barely have enough room to swing my two cats, let alone get fancy ideas of office space - currently I am working on about 3ft of computer table, tucked into the 'cubby hole' in the hallway


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                              I miss my cat swinging days
                              Learn by teaching
                              Take responsibility for learning


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