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  • Nap time

    You can tell who the boos is by who sleeps with the toys!

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    Awwwww, cute!


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      We're not the only species who've discovered it's nice to spoon up to a warm body when you're tuckered out. That's a real cute picture Ed. Looks like they're best friends.


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        It looks like the one behind is kick starting the other nice pictures Ed


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          [another] nice pic Ed

          BTW, how did Princess's training finish up? Is she still as aggro to other dogs as before?


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            Big Al,

            We went through six sessions fairly well. When we went for the seventh, she was extremely hard to control, and I actually decided to take her home because she was disrupting the class so badly. A few hours later, I realized she had come into heat (don't really know if that had anything to do with it though) . There were only eight sessions scheduled, and she was not able to finish. She still behaves badly around other dogs, but she loves to go to "school" at home. She learns fast, but there are only a few dogs that she will socialize with.



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