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Ohio Tornados Tonight

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  • Ohio Tornados Tonight

    I know there are a lot of fellow Ohioans who are members here, so I thought I'd check in and see how we all are after that rash of Tornados tonight.

    As for me (Holmes Co.), I spent about 2 hours huddled with my fellow workers in the center of the building waiting for things to calm down after the town warning siren went off. The rain sounded like it was going to break through our skylights and the thunder made me jump a few times.

    A few of us ventured outside the building a couple of times to try and see how things looked. Someone said they saw a funnel cloud in the distance, and one touched down in a nearby town, but they bypassed where I was.

    The drive home from work was a bit nerve wracking as there was standing water in a lot of spots that caused a little hydroplaning. No downed trees or power lines though, so I felt fortunate.

    Mostly it was just icky and a little scary, but not really dangerous. I'm hoping the rest of you in Ohio fared as well...

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    Glad you're ok Jak. It must have been quite scary. I too hope the rest had an easier go of it. Weather patterns have been wild all over. But its always good to hear good news.


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      Yikes!! I second Debbies sentiments Jak. Glad you missed the main event. That must have been horrifying. I guess we all deal with Mother Natures wrath no matter where we live. We lucked out here in South Florida and had a quiet storm season this year.


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        Jak, I didn't hear the news this morning, so didn't realize how bad the tornadoes were. The news this afternoon sounded horrific. Sure glad you're OK!!



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          I've been reading about the tornadoes on CNN and it sounds horrible! glad to hear you're OK. that can't have been fun just having to sit there and wait for it to go past not really knowing whats gonna happen.

          - David


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            Glad you are ok Jak...sounds like you were very lucky. I have been through a few tornadoes and it's certainly not fun sitting around, barricaded inside not knowing what is happening.


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