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I'm a new member and aspiring freelancer

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  • I'm a new member and aspiring freelancer

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for checking me out. I'd like to introduce myself to the community here:

    My name is Vincent Alfaro, from Richmond, Virginia. I have been practicing design in its many tangents for the past 7 years. I began as a freelance graphic and web designer in the Washington, D.C. area working with small businesses and ad agencies. I then signed on with a group of entrepreneurs in Wilmington, North Carolina as Creative Director for National Speed, an automotive performance shop franchise. My experience here turned me into more of a brand strategist/art director. Great experience and learning opportunity.

    Two years ago, my creative team spun off into our own entity labeled 2Step Creative Agency, and we've become a brand agency specialized in the world of Motorsports.

    My goal:

    To resign from my position as Creative Director in order to pursue a fulfilling freelance career in photo re-touching. I have tremendous experience in photo editing, especially with high-end cars, and I'd like to take the plunge. People think I'm crazy. My reason for this is because I'd like to focus more on my family life. For me, being a manager in the world of branding is not good for my wife and kids. I'm a work-a-holic, and I'd much rather control my situation, and be able to balance work and life properly. So I've got a plan to learn from the best on here, setup a business, a website, a marketing strategy, and keep things on brand!

    Thanks for meeting me, I hope to connect with you guys, and I promise to share my quest for entrepreneurship with those on this board!

    -Vincent Alfaro

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    Re: I'm a new member and aspiring freelancer

    Good luck. Living is more important than any so Call sucess.

    Making your family happy and yourself pleased with yourself.

    I call that success

    Let me know if I can help with anything.



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      Re: I'm a new member and aspiring freelancer

      Welcome to our little corner :-) Good luck and see you around


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        Re: I'm a new member and aspiring freelancer

        Hi Vincent:

        I greatly admire your sense of priorities. Congratulations on having the vision and determination to take the steps necessary for the important things in life. In the long run, you'll be very glad you did.

        Welcome to RP. Learn a lot. Have fun doing it.


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          Re: I'm a new member and aspiring freelancer

          Welcome, Vincent! I'm an aspiring retouchery entrepreneur myself. Nice to see someone who's made a successful life for himself taking it in the direction he wants. Family is so important, and so is the freedom to control your time! Best of luck!