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    Hi all,

    I've been (dimly) aware of Retouch Pro for a few years and finally took the time to sign up. I've been a retouching professional since the early nineties (and earlier using Scitex equipment) but always so much to learn. I'm hoping to gain knowledge from the collective experience of members and possibly share a trick or 2 myself. Nice to be here.

    Kevin Casey (CelticKC)

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    Re: Newbie

    Kevin, welcome to RetouchPro! Your knowledge and experience are welcome here. Enjoy your visits here.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Newbie

      Thanks Murray. Things in our world change so quickly it's impossible to keep up but I am hoping your forums will help keep me in the loop.


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        Re: Newbie

        Welcome and hello Kevin - haven't seen Scitex mentioned in a while. They used to make some good repro gear and also a retouch system whose name escapes me. Dang, my memory!


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          Re: Newbie

          Hi Repairman. Yeah, it's been a while. In the 80's we had several Scitex workstations. Pixet was one. The last one I worked on was a dedicated retouching station called the Prismax. I had Photoshop 3 on a Mac next to the Prismax that I used for routine batching tasks. It wasn't long before I turned my chair toward the Mac and stared doing my retouching and compositing there! We also had LivePicture. Remember that one?


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            Re: Newbie

            Whassup Kev!


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              Re: Newbie

              I can't remember the machine. I recall the formats Handshake and CT2T. I worked at Quantel back then, on the Paintbox systems. Hell Cromacom, Scitex, Barco, Crosfield those were the main players. LMAO - 50 megs was a big file back then. I miss it, but it's a lot easier just working in the Mac domain rather than on those rather esoteric devices. Crosfield didn't use square pixels IIRC!



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                Re: Newbie

                Seems like another world now. In the early years we had to clear our working files off the workstations memory and copy them to 12" mag tapes reeels so the next shift could do their work!


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                  so yeah that's it
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