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    Many of my days seem to be made of waiting for 5-20 minutes for some unmissable scheduled time. Not enough time to do anything substantial, plus I don't want my mind to be seriously distracted (I find shifting mental gears unpleasant, probably because I'm not very good at it).

    So I've grown fond of trivial little casual games. My goto game is Klondike solitaire (it used to be Freecell until I started winning virtually every time). I just got Bejeweled 3 and it works if I don't play one of the timed rounds. I got hooked on Desktop Tower Defense, then graduated to Defense Grid (my 2nd favorite game of all time, but only if I have more than just a few minutes).

    What's your favorite casual game?
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    Re: Favorite casual game

    played most of those, not defense grid, though. i dont like signing up for too many of these things; it tends to get my email flooded and i tend to stay away from the pay-for types. but, i do play a couple. both of these are free with extras you pay for.

    the first is this one: . this is also a tower defense game but it's far more creative than most and far easier to play and gives you more bang for your time. you can buy extras that give you extra abilities, extra maps and even the capability to make your own maps. careful on this one cause it's quite addictive. and check out some of their other games, too.

    the other i play when i just want to wind down for 15 minutes or so is wizard 101. this is also free but with extras. this one is geared mostly towards teenagers, the best i can guess or even younger, but it's kind of cute and is done pretty well. the problem with this one is, you can only go just so far in all the quests and such. you can keep playing and even keep earning levels but you're stuck in the lower level areas unless you pay for opening some of the stuff up. still, it's fun for a bit and it's multiplayer so you can interact with others if you wish. the link is:

    my internet service is crap right now, so i couldnt load this one up and copy the link, but i think the link is or just google 'minecraft' and you shld find it just fine. this one is still being developed but the guy put it up and available for folks to play anyway and he is selling it right now to make money for more production. supposedly, he's already collected over 3 million dollars and the thing is still in alpha. your donation assures you get to play all the new releases as he's working on it and the final version when it's out. if you dont want to pay you can download a prior version and play that for free. the game is more of a world creation/simulation model but does have some mild game play currently. it's sort of like legos where you are the builder and you build with blocks of different colors and textures. i've only played an earlier version so i dont really know what all of the features of the thing are right now. like i said, it's evolving. but, go take a look and maybe try out the freebie or look at the forums and ask questions. i have some nephews who are into it and they seem to like it. i dont play this one much, since i can only play single player with the earlier version and dont have many features. still, it's an interesting concept and some may enjoy it.


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      Re: Favorite casual game

      I don't play anything on my desktop - if I have any free time I'm reading stuff I've bookmarked in my Google Reader account.

      On the iTouch I love;

      Word with Friends (NLSchober if you wanna play)
      and I've just started playing Abble Dabble

      on the iPad I love Trism. Alot. It's pathological.


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